10 Popular Places to Visit In New York

New York City is the biggest city in the land of the free. Your city, with all its flashy lights and eye massaging scenes, can’t beat this city. The subway itself works round the clock, and it’s the main Houston employee transportation. Some people come here to shop, but most of them come to enjoy the sights. Thus, it’s important to know the most popular places in New York. So here goes the list:

1. Statue of Liberty 

You obviously expected The Statue of Liberty to top the list. Built in 1886, the statue is usually described as France’s gift to The United States. For all those years, the statue has been the center of attraction.

Statue of Liberty is about 152 feet tall, and you can still see the statue from Manhattan. You can also take a boat trip to Liberty Island, walk around the statue and pedestal area.

2. Empire State Building

 The iconic Empire State Building is a gigantic building in Manhattan. The building receives millions of visitors every year. Standing 381 meters, the building was the tallest on earth until the World Trade Centre came to be.

The iconic landmark has appeared in more than 250 movies, and is open for visitors from 9:30 am until late. You can view the city from either the 102nd or 89th floor.

3. Broadway and Theatre District

 If you don’t attend a Broadway show when you visit New York, don’t brag that you have been to the city. It’s often referred to as the pinnacle of American theater. It has produced some of the greatest Hollywood stars.

Visitors see long-running classics and latest shows.  Chicago on Broadway is one of New York City’s institutions. Whether you’re looking for your first Broadway musical, or you’ve seen the film and want to experience the show on stage, Chicago always delivers. Broadway actually refers to many theatres along the street of Broadway. To catch up with popular shows, purchase tickets in advance.

4. Time Square

 Times Square receives over 40 million visitors annually. The beauty of bright lights is what attracts all those people. Today, the square is world’s entertainment center.

Times Square has more to offer such as a range of restaurants and shopping malls. It’s a place you should pass by when you visit New York.

5. 9/11 Memorial and Museum

 It’s tragic that The World Trade Centre went down with thousands of people, no thanks to terrorists. The place where the twin towers stood now has two square pools.

The pools are surrounded by trees and grass and also bronze panels of the names of all those that perished in attacks.

6. Brooklyn Bridge

 The Brooklyn Bridge is among the world’s most magnificent iconic bridges alongside San Francisco’s Golden Gate. The suspension bridge links Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Visitors can visit the bridge, walk the 5,989 feet distance, cycle across or drive. You also get to view the fantastic New York City skyline and the harbor.

7. Metropolitan Museum of Art

 Also known as Met, the Metropolitan Museum of art is one of the most prestigious museums in the US. The museum houses arms and armor, photographs, costumes, Egyptian art, and much more.

The museum has a branch, The Met Cloisters that showcases medieval Europe.

8. Central Park

Central Park is situated in the middle of Manhattan. Apart from relaxing on the green grass, you can also visit the Central Park Zoo or Belvedere Castle.

If you are a sports person, there are paved roads in the park where you can skate, jog, or cycle.

9. Rockefeller Center

 Standing in the middle of Manhattan, Rockefeller Center is an entertainment and shopping center. It also houses NBC-TV and radio.

The 70-storey building offers excellent views of Manhattan. If you come by in winter, you can skate at the outdoor skating rink.

10. The Wall Street

If you watched “The Wolf of Wall Street,” you are probably familiar with Wall Street. The world’s famous street stretches from South Street to Broadway.

The street homes the NASDAQ, NYSE and New York Mercantile Exchange.


There is more mind-blowing places in New York that you will find out by yourself and have your own story to tell. What matters is that you will have visited a city most can only dream about.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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