Writing Travel Articles: A Full Guide to Produce a Worthy Piece

Traveling is one of the best ways to learn new things about the world and the people that surround us. Another one is to read about it. We are lucky to enjoy at least the reading process because there are many travel writers who share their experience during their journeys. If you travel a lot and are gifted in writing, you are most welcome to describe your events.

This guide is aimed to help all the beginners in the sphere of travel writing. There are lots of similar guides, which describe recommendations on how to write such pieces of writing. Our guide has a bit different aim. It highlights and explains how to write different types of travel articles. Therefore, consider the next information:

• Weekend Warrior. This article type is based on the perfect day trip. Use whatever locations you want. However, make sure that you know a lot about them. You should give your readers the feeling as if they’ve been there with you. Know your audience. Your articles may be family-oriented or just the enumeration of the must-see places. You are free to choose any theme – a weekend getaway, expedition etc. It may be devoted to family trips, outdoor activities, fishing etc.

• Content and Social Media Marketing. Nowadays, many travel companies try to promote their products and services with the help of travel essays. This is a very effective strategy. If you are assigned such a job, you ought to be quick. Visit the needed places, craft your articles and try to add video clips and blog posts using social media. Therefore, take your digital devices, such as the camera with you.

• Roundups and “Best of” Lists. This is a very popular kind of articles for the recent years. This kind of articles can be compared with guides for tourists. An author should make bullet-point lists about a place he/she visited. This may look like “10 Best Places to Visit in Los-Angeles”. The descriptions ought to be brief and informative. You should write economically. Try to avoid clichés and give really effective and vivid descriptions. To do this, you should do an accurate research. Mind that such articles are most viewed online. This is an excellent opportunity to enrich your portfolio.

• Holidays and Special Events. Many travel writers adore writing about special celebrations throughout the globe. Every tourist wishes to see such festivals as Oktoberfest and the similar ones. Undoubtedly, you will have what to write about. The more popular the celebration is the more readers would like to read your story. Therefore, this is another bonus for your writer’s portfolio.

• Side Trips. This is an interesting kind of travel writings. It focuses on the locations of lesser meaning. Many magazines arrange side trips near some big cities. The objective of a writer is to spend a day investigating side locations. It’s necessary to give as many details as possible about how to get there, what to visit, what to expect etc. Side trips are similar to roundups and weekend warriors. They may be combined.

• Destinations Pieces. Such writings demand an in-depth research. These should be well-organized papers. It is necessary to provide the relevant information about a certain location. Provide facts, historical events, anecdotes and similar necessities. Your descriptions may be seasonal but always detailed and important. Make your articles catchy to ignite the desire to catch every word you write.

• Travel and Lifestyle Blogging. This is a rather freelancing type of articles. There are no deadlines and editors. You’re free to set your own tone and speed. There are only your readers and you. Therefore, write about whatever you wish. Of course, it should be related to your travels. Enjoy a variety of styles – roundups, destinations, long-form posts etc. This provides an author with the opportunity to write in the most suitable style. In order to sound vivid change the style from time to time.

• How-To Guides. This is a pretty popular kind of travel articles. You will gain many followers because such guides teach a lot of valuable information concerning different destination points. You solve lots of potential problems of your readers. A person who plans to visit a definite place wants to know what to expect. Information is a powerful weapon. Being armed with all conveniences and possible complications, your readers will be thankful for your recommendations and tips. Undoubtedly, such a piece of writing ought to be well-researched to provide dependable and effective facts.

• Travel Advice Article. This is another article type, which is similar to how-to guides. An author likewise ought to make an in-depth research on certain locations. Your audience will expect an effective piece of advice on the crucial matters. This is not a simple tip on how to bathe in aqua-park with fun. You should teach how to overcome language barriers, deal with local laws, what kinds of food to avoid, how to choose the best hotel and something of the kind. Therefore, take this matter seriously and responsibly.

These were 9 sought-after kinds of travel articles. If you wish to become a travel writer, you should consider each option. Probably, you will like to write in several styles. This is a great idea and a chance to attract more readers. However, there are some more types. Therefore, look for other variations too. Probably, you would prefer some of them.

Author bio: Lauren Bradshaw started writing in 2003. Since then she tried her hand in SEO and website copywriting, writing for blogs, and working as an academic expert at Custom Writings essay writing service. Her major interests lie in content marketing, developing communication skills, and blogging. She’s also passionate about traveling, philosophy, psychology, literature and painting.

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