An Author’s Secret : Qualities of a Good Writer

Here’s the thing, when we consider the stereotypical image of a writer then some round glasses, a notebook and pen always in hand, or hours a day spent typing on a laptop then aesthetically you won’t be too far wrong. But, slightly biassed here, there is more to a writer than meets the eye. To be able to improve your writing then you will gradually over time develop and fine-tune your skills as a writer.

It is also important to acknowledge that a writer must be defined by more than just the work that they produce.The characteristics that a writer possesses is what makes their writing the quality that it is. Here’s the thing, it is true that everyone can write but not everyone can be a great writer. So, without further ado let’s outline the qualities of a good writer as we know them to be.

A true lover of writing

This had to go at the top of our qualities of a good writer list, after all this is the most important trait that a writer has to have. You can’t be a writer unless you truly love writing. Sure, you have to learn from a young age how to write but then this can blossom into adulthood and this is where writing becomes more than just a learned habit. It becomes a true love affair.

The thing with writing is that if you do not enjoy it then it is just not for you. You can’t fully immerse yourself into the writing world if you don’t love it deep down. Sure, at times it can be super stressful but it is ultimately worth it in the end.

Writing is not just a means to an end for you, and it is not all about the money. Writing can just be done as a creative outlet, or of course it can be a source of income.

Determination, competitiveness and motivation

These are key qualities that writers possess, especially if it is done as a means of getting income. Yeah, the world of writing is a pretty competitive one and you have to be prepared to rise to the challenge of standing out in a very crowded market. Your motivation really has to come from yourself because the way that the industry works is really varied, you have super busy seasons and then seasons which are painfully quiet.

However, you need to ensure that you keep faith as much as possible. Bad feedback of any kind might also deter you from pursuing your true love of writing. But, you have to be determined and keep your focus as strong as you possibly can even during the toughest of blows.

Determinedness also comes into play when that classic writer’s block rears its head. We know that there is nothing worse than feeling completely uninspired and unmotivated as a creative person, whether it is in your spare time or whether it is your source of income. This is where you just completely lack fresh ideas and you find it near impossible to produce new works. Being able to give yourself space and time to overcome this shows your resilience and also your perseverance too.

Confident user of grammatical structures

Here’s the thing, writers will be the most pedantic people when it comes to getting grammar correct. Writers will have an almost intimate relationship with their dictionaries, or spellcheck, or autocorrect. These tools will be consulted regularly to make sure that the work that they are producing is of the best quality possible.

In a writer’s world poor communication is a pretty big turn off. And, this is the least inspiring thing ever. After all, writers are there to inspire a whole range of different people and this tends to be a pretty strong motivating factor for writers.

In conclusion

Here’s the thing, writers are pretty amazing! They have an ability to be expressive and to be daring in their own creative way and this in turn will have an impact and an influence on those who are reading the works. Here’s the thing, as a writer you can really make an impact on people’s lives and reaching this realization will allow you to push yourself further in your writing. The next time that you are tasked with writing a piece of work you should really take into consideration the ways that you will be making an impact on the readers’ lives as well as your own.

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