Why Traveling Is the Best Thing You Can Do in Retirement

The many benefits of traveling for seniors. 

When you think of retirement, you may think of kicking up your feet and doing nothing. After all, you’ve been on the move for decades and now is your time to relax. So congratulations on your retirement but there are several reasons why getting back onto your feet and traveling during your retirement years is good for you.

1. Healthy Aging

There are a number of physical benefits to traveling during your senior years. While traveling is usually associated with relaxation, visiting new places can actually be quite physically taxing. Lugging around suitcases, sightseeing, hiking and various other activities can all burn plenty of calories and really get the blood flowing.

Older adults who are physically active have been shown to be less susceptible to things like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer.

2. Cognitive Maintenance

On top of all the physical benefits traveling can bring, there are also a number of cognitive advantages. Seeing new things, meeting new people and navigating new places all stimulate the mind, which promotes healthy cognitive function. Whether it’s trying to read a map or understand a foreign language, traveling brings plenty of mental challenges to keep your mind active and strong.

3. Social Benefits

There is a social aspect to traveling that can’t be overlooked. For one, it provides you the opportunity to visit relatives you don’t get to see often. Traveling is the link connecting generations of families and creating lifelong memories.

Additionally, traveling affords you the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and different parts of the world. In addition to learning new things, research has shown that an active social life can slow the decline of one’s health and create a higher quality of living later in life.

4. Stress Relief

There are certain parts of traveling that we all know can be stressful — airport lines, public transportation and jet lag to name a few. But travel as a whole has been found to improve people’s moods and relieve stress. In fact, a 2013 study revealed that 86 percent of travelers experienced an improved mood and outlook on life. More importantly, those effects are long lasting and continue long after your vacation is over.

5. Escape from the Weather

Seniors who live in certain climates may experience a little relief of their joint pain, muscle aches, arthritis and sinuses when visiting a new climate. Changes in temperature, humidity levels and air pressure can have dramatic effects on your body.

6. Spiritual Growth

There may also be some spiritual benefits to traveling for older adults. Discovering oneself, building a relationship with nature and putting the world into greater perspective are just some of the ways traveling can be beneficial to seniors.

7. Educational Benefits

Reading about another country or culture can only teach you so much. Traveling to a new location is the perfect opportunity to soak up some knowledge that you would never get sitting at home.

8. Senior Benefits

The best part about traveling when you’re older? The discounts! Retirees can often find discounts on airfare, hotels, meals and more. Financially speaking, there is perhaps no better time to leave the house.

Traveling offers a number of benefits for older adults, but it also brings a number of health and safety requirements. As a retiree, you should know what to pack and how to prepare for your trip to fully optimize your experience.

Enjoy your retirement, and safe travels!

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