Misconceptions Surrounding the Price of High-End Luxury Travel

Everybody has dreams of taking to the skies in a private jet and indulging in luxury before landing in an exotic country for a vacation. Until now, this has been something that the majority see out of their grasp due to the financial implications, but there is currently a shift in the travel industry which is helping this dream to become a reality for many.

Uber for the Skies

In recent times, Uber has revolutionised the world. Less and less people own their own vehicle and instead hail a lift from Uber to reach their destination. The same principle has started to happen up in the skies, as high fliers are opting for on-demand flights instead of owning their own private jets – if these individuals are regular flyers, it could actually save them a large sum in the long run.

On-Demand Flights

As an example, you could fly anywhere that you want in the world for a monthly fee, such as £2,500. After a couple of trips, you would break even whilst also getting to enjoy the luxury of flying in a beautiful and glamorous private jet. This may include fine dining, champagne, plenty of in-flight entertainment, space and service that is of the highest standard.

More Affordable Luxury Travel

Whilst this is still an expensive form of travel, it has opened up the possibility to many people who want to experience flying in a private jet. It is also made much more affordable if you have a large group and fly regularly, such as a business taking its employees on a ski trip. Some apps also take a large percentage off the original charter price when you use the seats on “empty legs” (empty seats on the jet after completing a one-way flight).

Tailored Flights

In many cases, apps like Victor enable travellers to tailor their on-demand charter flights. This includes a number of different stylish jets that could seat anywhere between 4 people and 45, destinations all around the world and a number of different deals. Many of these apps also offer a service where you can compare private jet charters to ensure that you can travel within your budget whilst also still in luxury.

For a long time, soaring through the air in a private jet to an exotic destination was reserved for CEO’s, rock stars and Hollywood stars. This is no longer the case, as aircraft sales continue to drop and instead companies offer the option to fly-on-demand and this opens up the possibility to enjoy luxury travel to many more.

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