Why People Are Still Moving to Southern California

Southern California is home to more than 24 million people, and the population continues to grow. Despite the rising housing costs, excessive traffic, and record-high cost of living (California is second only to Hawaii), more and more people continue to make their home in the Golden State. Aside from the bragging rights, there are a few key reasons why SoCal remains so popular.

1. The Weather

Bottom line: Southern California has one of the best climates—if not the best climate—in the nation. We have a temperate Mediterranean climate with year-round sunshine, and we don’t have to worry about hurricanes, tornadoes, or other disastrous weather conditions (yes, yes, earthquakes are another story). Winter snow is still available by request, as we can always drive up to the mountains if we want to ski, snowboard, or enjoy a spirited snowball fight. And while inland temperatures can get high in the summer, it’s a small price to pay for living in one of the nation’s calmest climates.

2. The Attractions

Regardless of where you reside in Southern California, you’re probably no more than two hours from the beach, the mountains, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Happiest Place on Earth. We have world-famous concert venues, museums, sports franchises, film studios, and amusement parks. No other location on Earth has such a diverse array of renowned entertainment attractions.

3. The Job Market

California’s job growth outpaces the nation, with unemployment at a record low and new jobs being added at a pace not seen since the 1960s. Part of this success is due to Los Angeles’s growing tech sector. Other fast-expanding industries include health, education, construction, government, and hospitality. Many people are coming here because this is where the jobs are.

4. The Real Estate

The price of real estate is one of the main reasons why people fear moving to California. But while housing costs can be on the high end, there are still excellent deals to be found. Compared to cities like San Francisco and San Jose, LA’s beach cities like Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes still offer an amazing value. Make sure to work with reputable local realtors like Maureen Megowan to help you find your perfect future home.

In addition, Southern California real estate is one of the best investments you can make for your portfolio. Because the region remains so popular, home values increase more quickly than in other parts of the nation and tend to remain strong even during rocky economic periods. If you want to earn some real equity, this is the place to do it.

5. The Culture

Southern California is a unique melting pot of cultural diversity, business ingenuity, bohemian creativity, and Hollywood glamor. There’s truly something for everybody, whether you prefer the metropolitan excitement of central LA, the pastoral serenity of Norco, or the coastal beauty of Laguna Beach.

Southern California Remains Popular for Good Reason

Sure, So Cal has its frustrations and its shortcomings. But one thing is for certain: you’ll never find a more exciting and diverse place to call home. Where else can you ski, surf, enjoy authentic world cuisine, and cross paths with world-famous celebrities all in the same day? California, truly, is one of a kind.

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