Best Unique Theme Park Gifts

Part of the fun of going to a theme park is buying mementos of your favorite moments and experiences! Plus, it’s always wise to buy a few things for the people back home. But it can be very boring to get the same old t-shirts and postcards from family every time they travel. So, here are 5 unique gifts that you can give to someone from your theme park trip!


This is one of the things that people don’t even realize are sold at theme parks, but tend to have a cult following. Big theme parks sell trading pins and usually have an elaborate trading system in place, but outside of that, they are well-designed and easily transportable gifts. Plus, you can custom order some lapel pins to give to people at theme parks or family members that couldn’t make it. 


On a budget? Well, park maps are a perfect present! You can see all of the fun places and adventures to someone you love, all without adding to that already expensive vacation. Plus, maps are incredibly fun to look at, collect, and are a great way to see the changes in a location if you repetitively visit one location. It’s an awesome and cheap way to remember your favorite vacation destination.


Aw, isn’t he cute? Most theme parks carry stuffed animals of their popular characters or famous animals. And what a better (or cuter) way to remember a valuable character? This is for the littler kids in your life, or the unafraid collectors! Some people have plush collections that are incredibly well developed and serve almost as a time machine for how a character or park has changed over time. 


Surprisingly, some theme parks carry a special kind of candy that only they produce! It’s a sweet way to remember your time. And, most candy products travel easily and won’t spoil on your ventures home. Just make sure you don’t eat it all before you get home!


The perfect blend for the perfect blend! This gift is both fun and useful. Everyone uses coffee mugs, and most theme parks sell a huge variety of them! They can be a really cool way to capture your favorite moments every morning while drinking your morning cup. Plus, they will last a LONG time, so you can always have your memory as long as you have coffee to make!

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