Why Every History Student Should Visit Europe

While all countries in Europe have their own pieces of unique history that you’ll benefit from in your history studies, all countries are also connected to each other in some way via historic events. For example, Germany and England were once head to head on the battlefield and the likes of France and Spain also had conflicts during the Franco-Spanish era that lasted 30 years. Such events have made unlimited history available to tourists looking to better their knowledge of European history. Europe is truly the place to go for history students and here are a few reasons why.

Easy Access to a Variety of Countries

One of the best reasons for visiting Europe is that you’ll have easy access to many countries. On the western side of Europe, you can benefit from the likes of France and Germany, which also provides easy access to England. All three countries have ample history that you can take in via a variety of museums. The greatest thing about visiting Europe is that most countries are also connected via borders, so traveling to and from countries is relatively easy to achieve. Europe also has the advantage of being crossed with some of the largest railways in the world, so getting to and from your favorite countries is effortless and affordable.

Unique History Wherever You Go

It doesn’t matter what country you visit while in Europe, every single country has plenty of history to keep you intrigued. From the Russian Soviet Union to the Falkland’s War, there’s plenty to keep you occupied and wanting more.

Many Universities and Libraries to Take Advantage Of

If you really want to take your history studies to the next level, a trip to some of the most popular universities and libraries in Europe will pay dividends. Whether you’re studying for a masters degree in history or fine arts, visiting Europe will give you the chance to excel your knowledge while working towards an online MAH degree.

Different Languages & Other Challenges to Face

England is the place to go if you’re looking for the chance to mix in with diverse cultures and people from various backgrounds. It will give you the chance to adapt and learn history from different countries without traveling too far. It could give you the chance to learn new languages that would better your history knowledge.

Excellent Food from Various Countries

Fisherman's bounty in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France

European countries are well-known to provide new cultures to people, and that means different foods from around the world can be enjoyed in all countries you visit. This will give you the chance to enjoy and study some of the foods that different cultures have enjoyed for hundreds of years.

Europe can truly provide the historical experience you crave if you’re looking to excel in historical knowledge. From different countries that are close-knit but ever so different to countries that have a history that is mindblowing, Europe won’t let you down when it comes to your studies.

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