Why Cuba Has So Many Areas of Unspoiled Beauty


Cuba’s biodiversity is what sets it apart from the other islands in the Americas. With so many different climate zones in one area, Cuba is home to wonderful vast areas of extremely beautiful unspoiled natural greenery and incredible wildlife. As a result, Cuba is considered to be one of the most pristine of all the islands, here’s why:

Environmental Protection

The Cuban landscape is made up of flat vertical valleys which are all covered by environmental protection to preserve the land. The Vinales Valley in Pinar del Rio, is a World Heritage Site due to the traditional agricultural methods which are still used in these areas to cultivate tobacco. The environmental protection that areas with this status have means that the land cannot be used for other purposes and helps to preserve their beauty.

Flora and Fauna

jungleOver half of Cuba’s 7000 species of plants and animals are endemic which is a reason for so many conservation areas in the country. All of these protected plants and animals live in Cuba’s luscious valleys due to the unique climate zones and vast wetlands which provide a perfect environment for them to survive. There are over 30 different types of reptiles and 175 different bird species living there, including the rare bee hummingbird which is thought to be the smallest bird in the world. As Cuba has the highest number of plants and animals in the Caribbean, it’s also protected by the World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy.

Vast Size

Cuba is the largest of all the Americas islands which means that there are lots of areas that have managed to avoid being developed by tour operators. Visitors to the country don’t need to head far from the city of Havana to find incredible areas of natural beauty in the prominent mountains and hills, you can head there with Cuba Holidays to experience it for yourself. Cuba is also home to many large freshwater lakes and saltwater lagoons which provide homes for many of Cuba’s rare wildlife.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Three of Cuba’s main rural sights have been declared as World Heritage Sites due to their contribution to the agricultural industry. The sugar, coffee and tobacco plantations have played huge roles in Cuba’s economic past and present providing both employment and huge trade opportunities for the country.

Cuba’s amazing areas of unspoiled natural beauty are what make it so popular with all different kinds of visitors each year, making Cuba a cut above all of the other Caribbean islands.

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