Why Baby Boomers Prefer the Tibet Train

Travel trends have changed all over and some industry experts are observing it closely. Baby boomers have started to show certain interesting trends and nothing like this was ever seen before.

These people have experienced almost everything in life and this is their time to relax. The percentage of domestic as well as international trips taken by them has increased drastically and this is the sign of something exciting. The international travel industry changed their approach as well and some special efforts were made to attract the baby boomers.

The railways system of Tibet has developed dramatically and new routes have been unveiled. While touring Tibet, baby boomers always pay attention to the details and it paints a bigger picture for them.

All You Need to Know About the Qinghai-Tibet railway

Building a railway network in Tibet was a daunting task, but it has been done to perfection. The crucial Qinghai-Tibet witnessed tremendous development, as a 1,956Km long railway track was laid. Qinghai’s capital, Xining, and Tibet’s capital, Lhasa, are the two end points. Tibet badly needed railways and after this project, that curse was removed forever. New records were set and this railway network took a special spot in the book of railway networks. The highest railway in the world presents stunning scenery that travelers can never forget. Few rail tracks in the world are located so high, and 960km of this track is elevated to a height of 4,000m.

A terrific job was done by both the designers as well as the engineers. The challenges came from all angles and the task looked more dangerous than ever. But everything was managed brilliantly and the construction was completed in a great fashion. The first big challenge was the extremely fragile ecosystem, the permafrost and scarcity of oxygen. Foreign experts lost hope about this project, but the Chinese people achieved the impossible. It is really astounding to watch and this project is a great example of modern engineering excellence.

Qinghai-Tibet railway is a very busy route now and the volume of passengers is massive. The railways sector will keep on improving, as Tibet’s tourism industry draws more and more visitors. A great number of travellers come to experience this amazing work in the snowfields. Booking the tickets is easy and it can be done well in advance. Baby boomers should prefer train travel, as it brings many advantages to them.

Experience Great Scenery While Travelling on the Xining-Lhasa Train

Train travel is always exciting and it gives a special feeling. As the scenery passes by, travelers can have the time of their lives. The excitement is at a peak and the heart yearns for the upcoming adventure. Baby boomers need comfortable travel and the ride must not be boring.

Trains are built for special experiences and if our loved ones are present with us, it becomes all the more amazing. The journey from Qinghai province to Tibet is not an ordinary one. The scenery is to die for and it fills the heart with new enthusiasm. Baby boomers can take it as an appetizer and get engrossed in the breathtaking views. The winter scenery is particularly stunning and tourists wait for it.

Golmud presents the first amazing view and the salt lake here is a piece of art. The train slowly climbs up in altitude and the next station is Yuzhu Peak, which is at 4,160m. For beginners, who are just trying their hand at mountaineering, this peak offers some great facilities.

The natural reserve of Kekexili is where this train arrives next. This location is populated by very few people and it remains mostly isolated. The wildlife found here is intriguing with wild yaks to Tibetan antelope all roaming freely. Tuotuo River is known for its natural scenery as well as cultural heritage and tourists can always enjoy that.

Passengers can then enjoy the famous Tanggula station and the scintillating “Sky Road”. The lakes are absolutely heavenly and this train ride is massively different. After crossing Tsonag Lake and Damxung station, the train finally reaches Lhasa.

Special Facilities of the Qinghai-Tibet Train 

In special conditions, some special facilities are required for survival. Qinghai-Tibet train has some special facilities in store for the passengers that will help them adjust with this region’s special elevation. The train is totally closed and as a part of air-conditioning, a supercharging system is present. Additional oxygen supply is also given to the travelers.

Baby boomers do not have to worry about a single thing and they will totally love these advanced facilities. Tibet trains are the most comfortable ones and passengers can stay calmly in any corner. The coaches can be classified into three types and tourists can pick them, according to their preference.

Boredom can be killed in many ways and passengers usually get medical service as well as English service. Sometimes, folk performances are also organized inside the train and it pumps up the excitement quotient. Tackling altitude sickness becomes quite easy and first aid can be received at any moment. The journey is filled with many surprises and passengers can sip every moment of the breathtaking view, through the anti-ultraviolet glass.

Why a Soft Sleeper is the Best Choice for Baby Boomers

For baby boomers, a long train journey can be exhausting. They look for comfort and that is best achieved in a soft sleeper. This compartment is very large and amazingly spacious. However, the ticket cost is quite high for this one. Elderly people don’t worry about the money, as long as the comfort is ensured. Each compartment possesses a door and this enclosed space offers a secure atmosphere and a whole lot of privacy. The number of bunks is four and TV screens are available in soft sleepers, so baby boomers can spend their time in a great way.

Baby boomers have some pre-defined goals and they always try to fulfill them. Train journeys can present a comfortable experience that can’t be achieved in other means of transport.

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