Top 5 Reasons To Visit Thailand

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Thailand is a beautiful country with so much to do, a top 5 list doesn’t particularly do it justice. However, when it comes to convincing someone they need to visit a place, brevity is the best way to do it. If the awe-inspiring wildlife, amazing shopping opportunities, incredible biodiversity and vastly down-to-earth people don’t draw you, this following list should.

A trip to Thailand is a trip that can change your life, provided you do it correctly.

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One of the reasons Thailand is so popular with holidaymakers is that traveling and living there is exceedingly cheap. An extended stay in Thailand will demand the same cost as a brief stay in other countries. However, that doesn’t mean Thailand is a ‘budget holiday’ whatsoever. You’re like to find more value in this weird, wonderful culture than any first world developed country. It’s also more deserving of your tourism trade than any first world developed country.

The fact your money will stretch further can only be interpreted as a positive because it will allow you to experience more of the following:


Around 94% of the population in Thailand are Buddhist, and this permeates the architecture. Religious iconography, gorgeous statues, and temples are to be found everywhere. There is a real sense of gratitude here, and it shows in every aspect of the life there. You’re likely to be given more food than you pay for, and treated with real respect as a visitor to their culture. The Thai people have seen their share of sadness in years past, and this has only strengthened their culture with real, honest and hardworking attitudes at every level of the populace.


Nowhere else can you connect to nature as convincingly as you can in Thailand. If you’re backpacking, or on an eastern safari, you’re like to be awe struck just the same. Wild monkeys, sharks, dolphins, turtles, and elephants all populate the area and freely roam around the lands and seas. This connectivity with nature brings you back to the fundamental way that natural societies operate, and it can help expand your cultural perspectives immensely.


Thailand is home to some of the best resort cities in the world, such as Pattaya. A short two-hour ride from Bangkok to Pattaya will yield you an area dedicated to leisure and celebration like no other. With 24 hour clubs, shopping malls, cabaret’, con’s and stunning hotels, Pattaya offers a Thai experience like no other. This is truly one of the better places to visit if you’re a newcomer to Thailand and will redefine to you what you think possible from the country.


Thai food takes pride of place in cultures all across the world for a reason. The food imported to other countries is fantastic, but in its place of origin is otherworldly. The best part is most Thai food is filled with vegetables and spices, meaning that you can eat frequently without worrying too much about putting on extra weight. This is real, honest, nourishing food, and you’d be forgiven for extending your stay just to keep eating it.

Thailand is a country unlike no other. With its culture of supreme beauty in all aspects, you’re guaranteed to have trouble coming back home.

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