Why a Cruise is the Best Way to See the World

cruise1With so much of our beautiful world to see and many different ways to see it, options for travel are endless. From backpacking through Asia, to jetting across the states, or driving through Europe, different trips require specific modes of transport. One way you can see lots of the world in one trip however, and experience it in luxury is on a cruise. Here’s why a cruise holiday is the perfect way to see the world:

Luxurious Comfort
Only on a cruise can you be guaranteed to return to luxurious surroundings every night. From 5* room service options to spacious cabins, a host of different entertainment options and stress free transport to your next location, cruising is the ultimate in stylish travel. Most cruises are equipped with spas, hair salons and on board gyms, so pampering yourself as you travel is also an option.

Fine Dining
The amount of fine dining you get to experience on a cruise is incredible. From the local delicacies and new foods, you’ll be able to sample off ship in the different cruise ports, to the evening meal options on board. Choose from whether you’d like to dine at a selection of different speciality restaurants or eat from a buffet style selection of different foods in a group dining hall.

New Adventures
Seeing the world is all about going on new adventures and on a cruise each day there is a new, exciting experience to enjoy. From waking up in a different country, to exploring all different parts of that country whilst off the ship, the amount of places you get to visit in one short period is what makes cruising so popular and one of the best ways to see the world. From zip wiring through a jungle to deep sea scuba diving, wine tasting and visiting museums, whatever type of adventures you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find them on a cruise holiday. shanghai at night1

Endless Opportunities
A cruise is also one of the best ways to see the world as there are endless opportunities. From cruises, which visit Canada and Alaska, to cruises to Caribbean Islands and European Cities, no matter which area of the world you’d like to visit, you can guarantee there will be a cruise ship which heads in that direction. At the Bolsover Cruise Club, you’ll be able to find a range of different cruises to all the different corners of the globe.

With all these great advantages, it clear to see why a cruise holiday is one of the best ways to see the world.

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