Relive Your Favorite Movies When You Visit Their Caribbean Shooting Locations

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We mostly associated the Caribbean with pristine beaches and fruity alcoholic beverages. But what we often neglect is its Hollywood allure.

The Caribbean has made the perfect backdrop for a number of classic movies. Why not kill two fantasies with one vacation and visit the sets of your favorite films while cruising the uncanny blue waters of the Caribbean on a bareboat charter.

The Shawshank Redemption | St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
Vaunted by many as the greatest movie of all time, Shawshank’s final scene that brings the movie’s two protagonists together is filmed in St. Croix’s Sandy Point. If you venture to Sandy Point today you’ll find a national wildlife refuge famous for turtle hatching. Recreate the film’s emotional final scene as you reunite with a friend during your long overdue vacation.

The Pirates of the Caribbean | St. Vincent to Puerto Rico
In truth the Pirates series was filmed all over the Americas. However, it seems as though Hollywood’s stock scenery wasn’t enough to illustrate the unparalleled beauty of the Caribbean. Depp and Knightley’s marooning in the initial movie of the franchise was filmed at Petit Tabac in the Grenadines. If you’re more a fan of the second film of the series, Dead Man’s Chest, you should charter your bareboat and set sail for Dominica. Portions of The Curse of the Black Pearl was also filmed in the small Caribbean bay of Wallilabou Bay, St. Vincent.

Dr. No | Jamaica
The Bond series’ debut film follows James Bond as investigates the death of a British intelligence agent in Jamaica. It’s in the northern part of Jamaica that Bond meets Honey Rider and fends off Dr. No’s goons. Thunderball, Never Again, also give the Bahamas cameo shots.

DR forestJurassic Park | Costa Rica & The Dominican Republic
Everyone’s favorite 90s movie enlisted the help of the wonderful Caribbean terrain of Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic that its primary filming destination, Hawaii, couldn’t provide. Although you won’t find any Velociraptors island hopping from Costa Rica to the DR should fulfill most of your vacation cravings.

Silence of the Lambs | Bahamas
Ever wonder where Hannibal Lector escaped to? While you won’t be able to find Lector’s favorite local dish of liver and fava beans you can enjoy one of the Caribbean’s premier destinations. Kick back on the picture-perfect beaches of the Bahamas and let all your cannibal serial killer worries just wash away.

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