Whirling Across the Wonderful Avignon

Whenever you think of France, you are more than likely to start thinking about a photograph with the Eiffel Tower, the baguette or the fancy culture that the place has to offer. Let us zoom into one of its cities – Avignon – a city of love, history, culture and fantastic vibe!

Avignon in a Nutshell

There are numerous significant attractions in Avignon, including the Petit Palais where the episcopal ministers once lived; it is also presently a gallery and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Avignon is known as the focal point of workmanship and culture. The city holds a wide variety of celebrations and occasions consistently; from the International Jazz Festival and the Epicurean Festival in summer to a conventional Christmas in December. Guests can appreciate the Provençal air of this community as they explore the wonderful boulevards, for example, the Rue des Teinturiers and rich squares like the Place des Corps Saints. At the core of Avignon, the Place de l’Horloge is filled with trees and packed with bistros, where people sit and watch others pass by.

Doesn’t it sound like one of the most fantastic places to be at? The fantastic mix of culture, arts, and food make it an absolute favourite place for travellers.

As you enter the city, you immediately sense the divine feel of this ecclesiastical city, beginning with the smooth marble tile avenues that guide you through Avignon. Take pleasure in the sun sparkling all over as you walk around the twisted roads only to discover more breathtaking medieval stone structures and dynamic green parks.  The church bell chimes in the background to give your touring a soundtrack. Despite the fact that Avignon is brimming with history and vestiges of the Roman presence, it has a shockingly young and modern feel to the city because of the Avignon University nearby. Given the mixed cultural vibe that it has, it is a city to have fun with family as well as friends.

The Absolute Peak Season to Visit Avignon

Whether you choose the summer season to enjoy the swaying lavender fields or you choose winters to enjoy the snowfall, you’ll have a great time. Nevertheless, it is preferable to dodge winters to enjoy to the fullest. Camping and summers – a match made in heaven, no? When you’re going Camping in France, you definitely need to choose Avignon as a campsite to have an amazing time under the night sky. While you enjoy all the other activities at the beach, cooking can be a major calamity. So make sure you grab a great portable grill with you.

Whichever season you choose, none of these change the fact that Avignon is a top city to be toured.

Cultural Celebrations

The headliner of the year is the Avignon Theatre Festival in July, where you can relish in several music, movie and theatre exhibitions all through the city. Being one of the grandest cultural celebrations on the planet, this three-week occasion isn’t to be missed. Isn’t just the sound of it fascinating enough for you to want to pack your bags right now and fly away?

Delicious Food

You can’t turn out badly with Provençal food. Cotes du Rhone wine, olive oil and privately developed crisp produce available right here, and dishes are totally regular. Make sure to look at the Les Halles indoor market where you can test all the particular area brings to the table. Quite Literally! Try not to leave without attempting the famous sweet dish, Les Papalines d’Avignon, which comprises of chocolate and oregano alcohol. Take me there, now!

Souvenirs to Take Back Home

The best keepsake to bring home is anything lavender-related, for example, the blossoms themselves, basic oil, cleansers or salves. Provence is well-known for its olives so you cannot return without a container of cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. There is quite a lot to be taking back home so do keep some room in the bags that you are carrying!

An Unrivalled Experience

Despite the fact that there are no non-stop flights to Avignon, it is an agreeable 2.5-hour ride from Paris on the TGV. The central train station’s location makes travelling a breeze. Avignon is a truly walkable city, so instead of booking a taxi, take as much time as necessary walking across the labyrinth of medieval roads. These are just some of the tips that we are sharing because we want you to have your own valuable experience!

Well, these were a few things we thought would be nice to share with the world about the absolute wonder that is the city of Avignon. Check it out and share some photographs with us!

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