When in Hong Kong Travel Like A Local with These Tips

Hong Kong is a rapidly growing tourist spot which has lately got itself on the top international travel radar over the recent years. The former British colony is unique in its amalgamation of past and future, of various cultural influences, of heritage and cutting-edge technology, of nature and modern civilisation. They all come together in perfect harmony in Hong Kong, which makes this place so beautifully unique. A Special Administrative Region under the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong has made itself an increasingly popular tourist spot owing to its affordable travel options and excellent facilities for tourists. If you are travelling to Kong for your vacation, here are some tips and tricks that will help you have the best and the most authentic local experience.

Take your time

One of the most underrated words of advice would be to take your time and not make it a very rushed trip because there are tons of things to see, do and of course, eat in Hong Kong. Moreover, owing to jet lag, long flights, weather change and time differences, give your body the well-deserved rest so that you are rejuvenated for your travels from the next day or so, else you will end up feeling sore and tired through your trip. Keep adequate time in your schedule so that you can simply make any impromptu plans and additions or even relax and go shopping without having to sacrifice any of your pre-planned tour programme.

Make the best use of your phone

Your phone is the best friend that you can have on your tour, therefore, make the best use of it. Down some of the most essential apps which help you translate in real time, know about the weather of the places you aim to visit, currency conversions, check your flights and booking status etc. Make sure that you also have a map application which will aid you not only with directions and distances between your destinations, but also know of the best probable routes, traffic congestion, public transport options, restaurants, toilets etc. on the way and more so that navigate through your travels without a hitch.

Pack according to the weather

Check the tentative weather of the place around the time of your travel and pack accordingly. It is important to understand that Hong Kong has a more or less temperate climate which means it is neither very hot, nor very cold throughout the year. Therefore, it is safe to pack lightly. Carry your raincoat if you plan on visiting during the rainy season to avail the off-season discounts. Even if you are not planning to travel during the off season carry an umbrella or a raincoat as the weather can be quite unpredictable. Hong Kong gets over a 100 days of rain per year. When you visit temples and other holy places it is advisable to wear decent clothing, preferably covering your shoulders and knees, as a sign of respect. Try to carry a light shawl or a wrap in case you need to cover up or feel a nip in the air.

Get yourself an Octopus Card

If you plan to use public transport options for your travel, it is highly advisable to get yourself an Octopus card for the duration of your stay in Hong Kong An octopus card is basically a prepaid debit card which works on all the MTR stations, the Star Ferry as well as on the iconic Peak Tram, and thus, you can travel on most transport options without worrying about standing in queue for a ticket for every ride. If you are unable to spend all of your balance on the card, it does not go to waste as you can spend it on your shopping at 7Eleven or even at Mc Donald’s. While a Mc Donald’s is not a usual part of a Hong Kong food tour, you can gorge on some of the local specialties which are not available in one of the chains outside Hong Kong.

Skip the Peak Tram queue

One of the most iconic, romantic and beautiful experiences of Hong Kong is undoubtedly a ride on the Peak Tram but what no one tells you beforehand is that your entire experience can turn quite sour due to the serpentine queues that line up to simply purchase the tickets, which often go up to 2 long hours or even more. You can skip the lines by simply taking a cab or an Uber to the peak and enjoy the lovely view from the top. If you are insistent on taking the tram, book the tickets online to save yourself some trouble. You can simply show an online voucher as a proof of your purchase of the ticket and avoid the long queue. Some popular apps also offer excellent discounts if you book your Peak Tram ticket in advance.

Street Food is the best bet

Walk through the streets of the city and explore for a satisfying Hong Kong food tour. Popular street food in Hong Kong is not only pocket friendly, but also super delicious and safe. Enjoy tons of fresh meat, seafood, noodles, rice and dim sums on the streets. While your stomach might need some time to adjust to the sudden change, so it is best to avoid tap water and stick to bottled water at all times. Carry some antacids and common medicines for stomach problems.

Hong Kong is a delight for travellers and tourists from all parts of the world, irrespective of age. It has a plethora of exciting and fun things to do, see and experience, which makes Hong Kong such a huge crowd puller.

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