What You Need to Know About Sublingual Vitamins

You’re not alone if you are wondering why someone would go for sublingual vitamins or what they even are. Sublingual vitamins are a type of vitamin designed to be taken under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. That enables the vitamin to be absorbed more quickly and directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system altogether.

There is much to know about these vitamins, such as their benefit over regular ones. You may also wonder which vitamins can or cannot be sublingually taken.

To break it down for you, let’s answer a few questions to get the facts about sublingual vitamins.

What Is the Difference Between Sublingual and Regular Vitamins?

Sublingual vitamins are designed to be dissolved and absorbed under the tongue. Unlike regular vitamins, which are swallowed and go through the digestive system, sublingual vitamins don’t pass through the digestive system and go straight into the bloodstream. That makes them more bioavailable and allows them to be more effective.

Why Is Sublingual Vitamins Intake More Effective?

There are a few key reasons why sublingual vitamins are more effective than vitamins taken in other ways.

    • When vitamins are taken sublingually, they don’t get to the digestive system and go straight into the bloodstream. That means that 100% of the vitamins are absorbed and available for use by the body.
    • Sublingual vitamins are usually in a liquid form, which makes them easier for the body to absorb.
    • Sublingual vitamins usually have a higher concentration of nutrients than vitamins in pill form. This means that you need to take fewer vitamins to get the same benefit.
    • Sublingual vitamins are absorbed more quickly by the body. That means they start working faster, and you can feel the effects more quickly.
    • Sublingual vitamins are convenient and easy to take. You just put a few  drops under your tongue and wait a few minutes for them to be absorbed There is no need to take them with food or water, and no need to worry about them upsetting your stomach.

What Are the Best Vitamins for Sublingual Intake?

Some nutrients are better absorbed when taken sublingually (under the tongue). That is because of some reasons, such as their urgent need for quicker functioning in the body.

Some of the best vitamins for sublingual absorption include:

    • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 has a vital role in many bodily functions, including energy production, DNA synthesis, and red blood cell formation.
      B12 deficiency is relatively common, particularly among older adults, and can lead to fatigue, anemia, and neurological problems. Sublingual B12 supplements are an effective way to increase levels of this vital nutrient.
    • Vitamin D: Vitamin D plays critical roles in your body’s functioning, such as bone health and calcium absorption. It can be hard to absorb sufficient vitamin D from diet alone, and deficiency is common, especially among older adults. Sublingual vitamin D supplements are a convenient and effective way to ensure adequate intake of this vital nutrient.
    • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The fatty acids are a variety of polyunsaturated fat essential for health. They are associated with various health benefits, including heart and brain function.

Are Sublingual Vitamins Worth It?

Yes, especially if you have difficulty swallowing pills or digestive issues that strain the smooth absorption of food nutrients. That’s because sublingual vitamins go directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

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