What to see on your first time in NYC?

What to see in New York? Answering this question, we could write an entire book. New York is rightfully considered the most visited city in the world, with many attractions and lots of entertainment. Every day you can discover something new, get acquainted with the cultural life of the metropolis, business districts, and shop in shopping centers. 

New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit. Here, literally, everything costs money, but there are architectural and historical objects, the entrance to which is free. True, here you can often find a sign saying that voluntary donations are welcome.

Guggenheim Museum

There are around 21 cool and fun museums in NYC and the most unusual museum in New York is the Guggenheim Museum. It was founded by the “copper-coal king” Guggenheim, who, having reached the age of 60, decided to do something special. The gold miner began to collect unusual objects and paintings, and after a few years, his collection was filled to such an extent that it became necessary to build a separate building for its exhibition. 

The Guggenheim Museum has unusual architecture. Some compare it to a spaceship, others to an inverted pyramid. The building in the form of an irregular ellipsoid looks futuristic against the backdrop of skyscrapers. A visit to the museum also evokes special emotions. At the entrance, visitors are taken to the top floor on a special elevator, and from there, going down the gallery in the form of a serpentine, you can see the expositions.

Times Square

The famous street of New York is located in the heart of Manhattan. This is one of the main attractions worth visiting when you are in the city. Times Square is the place where the most famous cinemas, restaurants, and theatres are located. 

The Brooklyn Bridge & Empire State Building

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the Eight Wonders of the Modern World. It is regarded as an inventive architectural structure because of its design.

Once in New York, you should definitely visit the Empire State Building. This legendary skyscraper with a height of more than 400 meters is one of the main attractions of the metropolis with a fantastic history.

The terrible fate and monumentality of the skyscraper attract tourists to its observation deck, which offers a view of the whole of New York.

Central Park

One of the symbols of New York – Central Park appeared in the city in the middle of the last century on the initiative of journalists from one of the newspapers. At that time, there was no publicly accessible place for citizens to relax in the metropolis. 

Today, the park is visited not only by New Yorkers but also by tourists who admire the natural landscapes and the beauty of this landmark of the city. On the territory of the park there are many objects that will be interesting to visit: 

      • the zoo
      • open-air theatre
      • Modern Art Museum
      • Belvedere Castle
      • musical clock

Once here, you can admire the beautiful fountains, monuments, and sculptures.

Going on a trip, even in the summer, when the weather in New York is quite comfortable and warm, take a warm sweater or jacket with you. When visiting some attractions, such as the Brooklyn Bridge or the observation decks at the Empire State Building, strong winds can prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the city’s landscapes.

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