Flights to Izmir

Open the world map to plan your new trip to fascinations in Asia and Europe. Explore what is hidden in Central Asia, Northern and Southern Europe and the Middle East. Our top 5 places to see list will help you to choose your next destination.


Built on the banks of rivers Saone and Rhone, this city remarks itself as French kindness. Lyon is a demanding city for history fans as the intercity is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In modern times, it’s been a hub for banking and commercial activities, which makes it ever busy. If you have heard of tasty French cuisine, you should try peculiar Saint-Marcellin cheese and Rosette de Lyon with local wine here. Lyon has been registered as gastronomy’s capital with many chef-training courses and fine-dining restaurants. You should add the Museum of Confluences and the Notre Dame de Fourviere to your sightseeing list. If you plan a trip to the French Alps, Lyon has the best connection to the region. Check the best dates for flights to Lyon in spring.


Izmir, the ¨pearl of the west¨, as the locals call it, is Turkey’s third most crowded city. This beautiful metropolis stretches on the so-called gulf to embrace you with its historic power and the warmth of the Aegean spirit. Flights to Izmir land at Adnan Menderes Airport. The airport transfer will lead you to Konak Pier, where luxurious hotels, exquisite restaurants and authentic shops merge. You are recommended to take a photo in front of the Historical Clock and go to Kadifekale to take a snapshot of the beautiful panorama surrounding the gulf. During your romantic walk on Kordon, you will feel the Aegean breeze. Keep in mind that Kemeraltı Bazaar is the hub for shopping fans. Izmir is a fascinating destination for summer vacationers as Çeşme, Alaçatı, Foça and even Kuşadası, the home of cruises, are a short drive distance. Take a look at the best offers by Pegasus Airlines to book your flight ticket to Izmir.


The capital of Sweden enchants its visitors with Scandinavian houses, vibrant life, top 100 ranking universities and the inspiration created by innovative start-ups. The long history dating back to 1241 drives Gamla Stan forward. The Old Town welcomes visitors to its peculiar streets and museums on a walking trip. Spare your time climbing Katarinahissen to see the panorama on the hill. You should also visit Vasa Museum, the Royal Palace and Skansen, the oldest open-air museum in the world. Keep an eye on cheap flights to Stockholm to book your ticket for the Stockholm International Film Festival Stock. For a more extended Sweden trip, flights to Stockholm will help you to transfer to cities like Malmö and Skane after a short train journey.

Nur Sultan

The pastoral beauty of Central Asia is represented in a modern form in Nur Sultan. The capital of Kazakhstan welcomes visitors to see a developing city alongside the Ishim River. Cultural exchanges and historical heritage make visitors more engaged in understanding the emotions bonding micro-cultures in excellence. Don’t miss the chance to pray in Nur Astana Mosque, visit Khan Shatyr, the futuristic architecture and walk up through Atyrau Bridge for a complete panorama of the city. Fully satisfy your appetite with big portions of beshbarmak, shashlik and boursaky at dinner. You can find cheap flights to Nur Sultan from Istanbul via Pegasus all around the year. You can easily reach Almaty, Shymkent and Aktoby via your direct flight to Nur Sultan.


Surrounded by the Persian Gulf, the capital Doha is an attractive coastal city located in the central east of Qatar. Qatar’s rising symbol of luxury and elegance welcomes tourists to relax on its long beaches in winter. As the climate is too hot and humid in summer, we recommended you to schedule your open-air activities in Doha for the autumn and winter months. The home of FIFA World Cup 2022 asserts its role by hosting other sports tournaments and international festivals. Qatar Tribeca Film Festival, Doha Cultural Festival, and Qatar Masters Golf Tournament are all held in the first quarter of the year. Check early booking options for flights to Doha to attend one of those enjoyable events or relax on the human-made island of Pearl Qatar, the Arabian Riviera.

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