What is Electrical Motor Control?

Motor control is a generic term that means anything from a complex system to a simple toggle switch with components such as switches, relays, and timers. The main function of all controls, however, is to regulate the operation of an electric motor. As a result, when motor control equipment is installed, many factors need to be considered to ensure that the control will function optimally for the machine for which it has been selected.

An electric motor control modifies torque into voltage references that are transformed into real voltages applied to an electric motor. The main objective of electric motor control is to ensure that the motor’s electric component transports electromagnetic torque at the right dynamic and static accuracy compared to torque reference.

Let us now discuss the purpose of electric motor control.

Purpose of Motor Controller

Some of the complex and exact automatic applications of electric motor control are mentioned below. Remember to keep these elements in mind when selecting and installing motor control components with certain systems and machines.

    • Starting: The motor can be started by connecting it to the main source of voltage directly. However, gradual starting may be required to protect the machine and ensure that the line current inrush upon starting isn’t too much for the utility company’s system.
      Some machines may get damaged if they are started with an abrupt turning maneuver. Therefore, the frequency of starting an electric motor is another factor that influences the controller.
    • Stopping: Most controllers are designed in such a way that allows motors to come to a halt. Some also impose sudden braking action to ensure that the machine stops immediately. This is the reason quick stopping action is a necessary function of the controller for emergency stops.
    • Reversing: Electric motor control is also required to change the direction of the machine rotation automatically or via the command of an operator. The reversing action of a controller is a repeated process in many industrial applications.
    • Running: The maintenance of required operational speed is one of the main objectives and functions of controllers. They help protect motors, machines, materials, and machines while they are running.
      Additionally, these controllers are equipped with multiple safety circuits and devices that protect equipment, people, industrial production, and processes against potential injury that may occur when the machines are up and running.
    • Speed Control: Some electric motor control functions also maintain precise speeds for specific industrial procedures. Other controllers can alter or change the speeds of motors either gradually or in steps.
    • Operator safety: Many mechanical safeguards have been added or supported by electrical means of protection. Electrical control devices provide direct means to protect machine operators from risky operational conditions.
    • Protection from damage: Another aspect of an automatic machine is to protect the machine itself and the manufactured or processed materials that it is responsible for handling.

Some expected benefits of Electrical motor controls:

    • Control features can be personalized to application requirements.
    • Simple and straight-forward speed control procedures.
    • Easy application of electric braking.
    • Obtainable in a wide range of speed, power, and torque grades.
    • Improved Efficiency.
    • Short-time overload capacity.
    • Self-starting and requires no external starting device.
    • Cleaner, less noisy operations, and less maintenance.
    • Capable of achieving full torque at halt without a clutch.
    • Safe operation in harsh and risky environments.
    • Readily available for immediate use as no warmup time is required.
    • Low no-load losses and low acoustic noise.
    • Exceptional control ability.

Suppose you have been looking forward to upgrading tour electrical systems. In that case, we recommend you consult a licensed electrical consultant or approach a leading provider to seek expert recommendations and guidance. They can optimize, provide you with tips for customizing your motors and drive. Doing so ensures you only invest in proper and effective solutions to enable long-term returns and benefits to you!

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