What are the Top Tourist Attractions & Things to do in Singapore?

According to most travelers and tourists, Singapore seems to be one of the most expensive cities around the globe! That shouldn’t make you shy away from visiting this city. Singapore has many positives to flaunt as well. For instance, other than being a city with famous tourist attractions, it is also clean, has unlimited entertainment options, and is indeed the best-planned city. You will find the largest rooftop infinity pool in the world, old temples, safari parks, and the best food you can relish as you travel.

That is not all! As you are planning your things to do in Singapore” list, you can add the excellent performance venues, experimental art galleries, stunning architecture and gardens, shopping streets, and many more. The city also blends both history and modernity. The four tourist attractions in Singapore discussed below are worth adding to your list.

1. National Gallery Singapore

Here you can have a glimpse of the most significant modern art public collection in Southeast Asia! There are over 8,000 works, and it gets distributed between two national monuments, namely, the former Supreme Court and City Hall. Usually, travelers spend about half a day strolling across the galleries. However, if you have less time at hand, you can walk directly into the “Siapa Nama Kamu? Art in Singapore since the 19th Century” exhibit. You can visit this during a weekday to avoid the rush and crowd during weekends.

2. Gardens by the Bay

This tourist attraction will impress you with its breadth of plants and fascinating ways in which all gets displayed. The Cloud Forest and the Supertree Grove are the two must-visits if you take a keen interest in photography. There’s also the 114-foot indoor waterfall to explore. This site, at times, can get overcrowded. Hence you need to time and plan your visit accordingly.

3. The Intan

It is a private house that holds one of the most stunning Peranakan artifacts in Singapore. The owner of this site, Alvin Yapp, spent more than 30 years collecting intriguing objects from the Peranakan culture. One of the most popular 1500 objects in the exhibit is the “Kasot Manek,” which embellished beaded slippers that Straits Chinese women used to wear. Other prominent objects exhibited are the hand-painted enamel tiffin carriers in delicate floral patterns. This home has been decorated meticulously and is well arranged. The visits are by appointment; hence you need to make arrangements beforehand.

4. Kampong Glam

Do you have hipster traits in you? Or do you love conventional Arab crafts and unique modern art? And do you want to click a picture for Instagram or want to learn about the site and get into in-depth facts? It could also be you want to relish a slice of the tasty kaya swiss roll from the well-known Rich & Good Cake Shop. If you have answered yes to any or most of the propositions mentioned, you will love visiting this venue. It is a delightful enclave that you shouldn’t miss out on! It is Singapore’s Muslim quarter that dates back to the 1800s. Over the years, this place has changed, evolved, and added to its beauty and charm.

These are the four best tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss when you visit the Lion City.

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