What are the Side Effects of PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a well-researched, non-invasive repairing tool that is excellent in treating numerous problems of the mind and body. Put in conjunction with other treatments just like meditation, yoga,  exercise, and conventional medicine, PEMF therapy provides limitless healing potential.  As with any treatment,  it is significant to research the capabilities and negative effects that may be associated with PEMF therapy.

Side Effects of PEMF Therapy

Ø  Many experts and fitness specialists alike will conform to the safety and advantages of PEMF therapy. In addition, more than 7,000 scientific studies and clinical trials have demonstrated it to be safe. However, the first ten minutes of direct exposure to PEMF frequencies enhances oxygen to cells and can promote the removal of toxins.

Ø  This detoxification can result in slight side effects such as nausea, headaches,  muscle aches, and fatigue. More often than not, these impacts are momentary and will go away just by taking a break from therapy. As your body sets to PEMF therapy, these reactions rarely linger. In addition, you can minimize the risk of PEMF therapy side effects by taking a lot of water before and after therapy. This will help increase the removal of toxins and help your body keep optimal cellular hydration.

Ø  PEMF treatment also improves the absorption of nutrients and medications. For that reason, the effects will differ from person to person, based on the user’s health condition, lifestyle,  and supplement intake.

Ø  For instance, bad reactions may occur with PEMF therapy if you are not meeting your body’s demand for essential nutrients. These feelings can include weakness, agitation,  fatigue, dizziness, and increased urination. Nutritional lack can restrict your cells from regenerating, even when well-empowered. Talking to a nutritionist if you know these reactions may be helpful.

Ø  When utilizing PEMF therapy to enhance sleep, outcomes can vary with each person. For most individuals, advantages can be seen within days, but for a few people with stubborn chronic issues, it may take up to a month to see results. However, people can expect both the short-term and long-term excellent effects on sleep quality with PEMF treatment.

Ø  Those with pre-existing heart problems should proceed with extreme caution about PEMF therapy. Based on the type of condition and its seriousness, for example, those with heart rhythm disturbances may be wise to stay away from PEMF therapy. In addition, pregnant women should avoid electromagnetic therapy.

Ø  Lastly, utilizing more than one PEMF device together can be disadvantageous. This will make it difficult to figure out which device is having what effect. If you can afford to purchase several devices to compare them, make sure to space them out by a few months or weeks.

How Serious Are PEMF Side Effects?

Ø  Since electromagnetic therapy produces a large range of bad reactions inside the body, some problems are not unusual with initial therapy. Nevertheless, these adverse effects only take place about five percent of the time and when PEMF therapy has just begun. In addition, light unfavorable reactions usually occur with whole-body therapy and not with local therapies.

Ø  Most of these effects are mild and temporary and normally cease with the continuance of therapy. Furthermore, these side effects are more common and irritating for those with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Users rarely need to stop magnetic therapy due to negative side effects.

Ø  Due to the fact, magnetic therapies can improve body systems and stimulate cells and tissues, overreactions by the body do often occur. Whether measurable or perceived, such responses can be due to enhanced circulation, induced relaxation, stimulation of nerve cells, and variations in heart rate and blood pressure.

Final words

All in all, PEMF therapy is usually considered a benign and non-invasive treatment by many health personnel. As the therapy develops and the body gets more used to the treatment, most of the negative reactions diminish. When food supplements are given before PEMF treatment, most individuals experience fewer bad effects

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