Weird Regional Food Photo Gallery – would you eat it?

The wildest, weirdest and (sometimes) oddly delicious food we’ve seen so far!

Did we try everything? Yes we did. Did we survive? Yes. Did we get sick? Well… you’ll have to click in to the gallery to see!

You won’t believe what people eat!


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55 thoughts on “Weird Regional Food Photo Gallery – would you eat it?”

  1. Love the vegan donuts at Voodoo Donuts, but the rest isn’t for me. But… I’ve been known to push those I’m with to try the weird stuff. 🙂

  2. I grew up eating turtle soup in Maryland at a restaurant called O’Donnell’s (now closed). The University of Maryland sports teams are the Terrapins (turtles) and their motto is Fear The Turtle. That turtle soup was absolutely delicious.

  3. I live in Halifax and donairs are amazing especially late at nite after a few pints. Great value for the money at some locations a small donair can be the size of a football.

  4. Crazy how fancy restaurants get all scientific like that… adding unpronounceable things and injecting stuff and all, it’s like chemistry in the kitchen! I think I would try that though, it doesn’t sound too dangerous…

  5. Interesting Who thinks to combine bacon with ice cream, I wonder… Never tried poutine either, but I understand it’s practically the national dish of Canada, so I’d give it a go.

  6. You just had to show us bacon ice cream and coffee flavored pudding cake right when we’re resolving to stay away from that stuff–for the thirtieth time! YES I’d eat it, if it was put in front of me. Let us hope that doesn’t happen!!

  7. Poutine is awesome!! Has to be made the right way though.
    I’ve also eaten beef heart, cow’s tongue, and I’ve tried tripe(sp). I’ve also eaten kidneys and liver. When things are cooked right most things taste good. My parents came over from England in the 50’s, during the War nothing from the animals was wasted.

    I must admit that I don’t think I would try the chicken feet.

  8. Rocky Mountain Oysters in Nebraska (Midwest) is also hog testicles. I also ate – without knowing it – “Tiger Meat”. I seriously thought it was ham salad but it is RAW hamburger with a lot of spices. Another Midwest farmers delicacy is Pickled Pigs Feet. If you went into a local pub/bar you would see a huge canning jar on a shelf full of them. So disgusting!

  9. OH MY GOSH!!! SVICOVA!!! YEs, yes YES… this is one of my favourite foods in the WORLD… fell in love with it in the CZ… looks horrific… but you have NO IDEA how totally amazing this is… sigh… You don’t know what you’re missing!!!!

    1. I’m Bohemian – so I grew up on dumplings and pork – but we always had sauerkraut with it. We didn’t do the sweet. Though my grandma did make potato pancakes with lots of onions and we put grape jelly on it! – Veronica

  10. Hey, I’d try almost anything once — and this looks like a very intriguing combination of salty/sweet. Interesting!

  11. Had ’em when we went to Macinaw Island. Could’ve used some herbs and spices, they were pretty bland- but then, I’m from the Southwest…everything in Michigan tastes bland to me.

  12. Went to a Taiwanese student’s home for dinner, which included smoked pig’s ear. Felt it would be rude to play my kosher card, so I tried it. Smoky, meaty, but with a disconcerting *pop* each time I bit through the cartilage.

    1. Oh yeah. We didn’t ask to see it in its original form until a) we had tried it and b) we had a few beers in us. It was easier that way. David had more trouble than I (Veronica) did for some reason…

  13. I LOVED the Tabasco vanilla ice cream! Only wish I didn’t ahve to go all the way to LA for it! (The runner up was the Tabasco chocolate).

  14. I have never eaten anything in Italy that wasn’t fabulous. Go for it! But then again, I only ate after drinking an entire bottle of red wine, so do that first ; )

  15. When I was young, living in Hawaii, I loved dried squid. It was like jerky. I think it was in small Chinese grocers.

  16. Sausages in a jar are really popular in Germany too. They taste yummy! Mind you I’ve never tried the above brand ;o)

  17. I have tried the German version but we have something similar in the Vietnamese cuisine, and there’s even weirder ingredients in that one, like pig ear and stuff. i know it looks weird, kinda like jello with fruit but it’s good stuff. there’s much weirder food out there for sure.

    1. @Kitty – We tried blood pudding in Barcelona – didn’t know what it was until afterward and the waitress mimicked opening a vein as a translation! It’s not as gross as the name is – kind of the same idea as stuffing a turkey (tho we’d guess that some cultures would find THAT gross!).

  18. Well it takes all sorts, some of this is pretty disgusting. the only thing I’d say was good here is poutine!!! Can’t believe people actually still eat turtle soup in America !!!

  19. Those are all gross but I still think Mountain Oysters are the grossest things I could think of eating! Just ask my husband!

  20. There’s no way I could ever eat chicken feet! But I think the bone marrow with “toungue in cheek” is the wierdest.

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