Fountains of Wangen im Allgäu

Perhaps the most unique attribute of Wangen is its fountains. There are several well preserved hold-outs from centuries past, but the stars of the show are a series of seven “Figure Fountains” installed in the 1980s and 90s. These are not even slightly traditional, in a conventional European fountain way, instead they are off-beat, whimsical, and in some cases, more than a little sarcastic.

These fountains are unlike ANY you’ve ever seen! You’ll laugh, be in awe and even get a scare! For more info:

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8 thoughts on “Fountains of Wangen im Allgäu”

  1. Your journey is always a source of enlightement, a pleasure to watch full of informative visual and narative wonder. May you travel well and be filled with the flowing threads that weave your way. Blessings from my inner self %^)

  2. What with charming bronzes. What wonderful fountains! Thank you for sharing your discoveries. The Germans are very rafinnés beings. I am overwhelmed by so much beauty.

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