Water Heater Maintenance: 9 Importance To Properly Maintain Your Water Heater

Hot water is something that most homeowners take for granted- that is until some catastrophic morning when you enter the water, still sleepy, and a cold blast of water makes you leap out and shriek. It is a wake-up call and to maintain your water heater.

The water heaters need maintenance to keep the hot water flowing. It will help minimize surprising yourself with cold water or flooding at home. It will also ensure the efficiency, longer lifespan, safety, and more important roles of maintenance to your water heater in Frisco, Texas.

9 Benefits of Properly Maintained Your Water Heater

1. Improve Efficiency

Water maintenance makes sure the efficiency of your water heating system. Without proper water heater maintenance, the build-up of minerals will settle on the bottom of your water heater, making the water heater forced to release hot water. In a gas water heater, these loose minerals can produce hot spots that damage the water tank and fail, eventually. In an electric water heater, they can lead to the low heating element malfunctioning. Emptying your tank during maintenance will eliminate these loose minerals. It will boost or maintain the efficiency of the water heater.

2. Save Water

When a water heater is running inefficiently, the water becomes wasted. How many times have you let the sink or shower run to warm the water up? You are wasting water. Have your water inspected to see the efficiency of your water heater. Let the professionals at Lex’s Plumbing maintain your water heating system. Conserve water by getting your water heater examined and tuned up.

3. Calcium Build up

Flushing out your water heater regularly is a vital component in eliminating dangerous particles from the water tank. For instance, areas in your water heater that have hard water will quickly build up calcium. This build-up can cause clogs that stop your water heater from working as intended. When you make sure that your water heater flushes out unwanted debris and dirt yearly, you can protect your water heater and stop these clogs from transpiring.

4. Catch Rust

Rust often leads to the need to replace your water heater. It can affect the quality of the water heater in your house and often result in many additional issues. With regular maintenance and inspections, you can make sure that you detect rust when it happens. You can also take extra steps to stop rust from building up inside your water heater.

5. Conserve Money

Emptying your water heater ensures it is running well, increasing efficiency that lessens the home’s energy use. As a result, you will get more hot water without running the sink, shower, or tap for a long time. You will save and reduce your utility bills.

6. Prolong Longevity

An average water heater has a lifespan of 8 to 12 years. After at least once or twice yearly maintenance, which can fix the typical water heater issues before they become massive problems needing to replace the unit. You can prolong the lifespan of your water heater by many years. It will provide you with a return on investment in the long run.

7. Eradicate Surprises

The denoting cold water shower may be the least of your concerns if you do not maintain your water heater well. Much worse is having a flooded home and ruined flooring due to a damaged water heater.

8. Sustain Full Volume

MIneral and sediment build-up have no space in your water heater, decreasing the amount of water the tank water heater can carry. With routine flushing, you can eradicate unwanted build-up and gain full volume use of your water heater tank, boosting the water heater volume to full.

9. Enhance Safety

Water heaters have safety features and devices. These safety devices need yearly testing, such as pressure and temperature valves that secure your water heater from excessive discharging water. In addition, it is essential to examine the relief valve of your water heater to stop anyone from being burned or scalded.

Maintaining Your Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters do not utilize tanks like the other water heaters. Instead, tankless water heaters deliver hot water, pulling water directly from the source and quickly heating it to your faucet or shower. But, because there is no tank does not mean there is no maintenance needed. You should get your tankless water services once a year. Tankless water heater maintenance involves emptying the water heater system to eliminate build-up in the lines and cleaning the water and air filter. It will help ensure that all parts in the water heater function as they intended.

For Water Heater Maintenance in Frisco, contact Lex’s Plumbing.

Though you can routinely check your water heater, getting the services of an expert will be far more efficient. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to make sure that they can detect potential issues in the early stages. Maintaining your water heater can go a long way to stopping severe plumbing problems from happening. Yet, there are various types of water heaters, so it is essential to know how to maintain your water heater. When problems happen with your water heater, they can damage your life. Therefore, maintain your water heater, so it continuously operates effectively and efficiently. It will also control your utility bills and have fewer chances of having early repairs or water heater replacement. If you notice issues have occured with your water heater, contact us immediately to restore its functionality and to its working condition. You can visit our website https://www.lexsplumbing.com/. Call Lex’s Plumbing today!

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