Visit Dallas, Where the Old West Meets the Big City

Dallas is a vibrant place to visit, it’s where the old west meets the big city and brings with it a lot of excitement. This part of the world has some very interesting history which makes it the ideal vacation destination. Let’s take a look at what you should do when you spend some time in Dallas:

Visit the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

The Fort Stockyards National Historic District is a living museum and is well worth visiting. Paying tribute to the west in its heyday, the museum has cattle drives, restaurants a-plenty, and the Texas Trail of Fame. If you would like to watch some rodeo, head to the Stockyards on a Friday or Saturday evening and watch a bunch of cowboys show off their skills.

Stay Somewhere Nice for Less

Dallas is thought to be home to some 77,000 hotel rooms, making it the ideal place to stay. There are plenty of well-priced hotels around and you can find the details here, hotels in Dallas tend to be pretty good and close to some of the local attractions.

If you want to pay as little as possible try to spend some time in Dallas out of season. Prices are likely to be a little lower in the spring, fall, and winter.

The Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza

Located at 411 Elm Street, the Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza is home to some exhibits which detail President John F. Kennedy’s life. Here you will also find a copy of Lee Harvey Oswald’s set-up. You don’t have to be the biggest JFK fan to visit and enjoy this museum as it is quite intriguing. Visited by thousands of people every year, the museum looks over Dealey Plaza and Elm Street, where Oswald tracked JFK’s motorcade.

Spend around 2 hours at the museum and find out exactly where Oswald pulled the trigger on that fateful day. Use the touchscreens to help you learn more about that days’ events and marvel at the work that went into setting up this excellent museum.

Fort Worth Zoo

Found at 1989 Colonial Parkway, Fort Worth Zoo has been open for more than 100 years and is home to a wide range of stunning creatures. Home to more than 5,700 birds, amphibians, and reptiles, visitors can also see kangaroos, white tigers, and other animals.

The Zoo is also home to a Wild West village, a laser shooting gallery and so much more. Spend a day at the zoo and slowly but surely make your way around. You will have to pay to park at the zoo but the cost of admission is repetitively low and you’re practically guaranteed to have a great time.

There are some great things to do in Dallas, and you’re likely to have a great time whenever you go. Visit some or all of the above destinations after you’ve found a hotel and enjoy your time in Dallas, where the old west meets the big city.

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