Using Your Tongue to Decide on Which Country to Travel to Next

How do you decide on which country to travel to? Do you heed advice from friends, watch travel shows, or throw a dart at a map? I’d bet that very few people let their tongues be their compass in deciding which country to visit next. If you’re not well versed in popular dishes from far-off places let this list of succulent food be your guide.

Tacos | Mexico
mexico-pastor-tacoReducing Mexican cuisine to merely tacos would be to miss out on a wealth of richly eclectic. However, one of Mexico’s largest cultural exports without a doubt has to be tacos. That being said those tacos you got from Taco Bell don’t exactly due justice to authentic Mexican tacos. Tacos de quelites, de tuetano, de cazuela, and many more regional specialities await you in Mexico. Get the most out of your trip as you hop from state to state, or better still, explore that stunning Pacific coastline in  a bareboat chartered sailboat.

Rabbit Stew | Malta
As one of the smallest countries in Europe I’d imagine it is difficult for anyone to guess the national dish of Malta. Despite the tiny country not having an excess of rabbit to feast on, it somehow has managed to become the country’s national dish. The most popular recipe for a Maltese rabbit stew calls for an entire rabbit – all organs included – and a host of veggies and herbs. The dish is rather simple and even easy to make at home, but there’s still nothing like being seated in tiny but perfectly formed Malta and dining on your rabbit stew.

Bacon & Egg Pie | New Zealand
new-zealandThinking of NZ usually evokes images of rolling hills, unparalleled biodiversity, and the one ring to rule them all. Sure, NZ isn’t known for its food, but that isn’t the point of this menu of nations is it? You’d think that with all the unique animal species and rich indigenous influence that their national dish would be some uncanny cuisine that you’ve never heard of before. Despite your expectations, one of the most popular dishes in NZ is a very agreeable bacon and egg pie. While the ingredients may pretty common their arrangement is far from normal. Backed into a shortcrust pie is bacon, eggs, onion, peas, tomato, and cheese.

Dulce de Leche | Argentina
This Argentinean dessert may not their national dish, but who wouldn’t be persuaded into visiting Argentina after trying a sweet milk jam. Dulce de leche is just that, a jam. It can be found on ice cream, empanadas, alfajores, or on cheeky children’s morning toast.

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