Unique Souvenirs you can only get in Georgia

Every country and city has its unique culture. But some of them such as Istanbul and Georgia are well-known for their deep-rooted diversity of cultural influences. Although, these cities have undergone many changes they don’t let the modernisations ruin their traditional values. This makes them different from other cities, and hence perfect spots for tourists.

To grant the visitors with ever-lasting memories, these countries come with some unique souvenirs that perfectly  symbolize their national cultures. The gold-laden land of Georgia is well-known for its intricate handmade souvenirs, that are available in fair prices. Many shops in this state are selling such landmarks to the visitors. People buy these unique keepsakes for their families or loved ones. Here is a list of some must-get Georgian Souvenirs that you need to consider while on a visit to Georgia.

Enamel Jewellery

This technique was discovered around the 8th century. Artists used melted glass and expensive metals such as gold, silver or copper to formulate a unique type of ornament. This type of jewellery ruled over the world until the 15th century. Due to some reason, this wonderful art was lost after the 15th century. After endless efforts, artists mixed some traditional and modern ornaments to create exceptional glass ornaments. There will be no harm in saying that Enamel Jewellery is a treat to the sight of human beings. You can get this jewellery from the top artists of Georgia.

Khinkali Socks

These are not handmade, but these socks come with a dumpling sign, showing the nationality of Georgia. A huge number of tourists buy these for their families or as a memory of being in Georgia. If a person buys three or more pairs, he can get a special discount and sometimes even a gift box. There are several other types of these socks too. Some of them are Adjaruli Khachapuri, Niko Pirasmani and Chokha. Each of them has a unique history or association with a well-known personality of Georgia.

Blue TableClothes

It may sound common, but trust us, they are not. Georgia has its own blue traditional tablecloths. This cloth has played an integral role in the traditional culture and has been used for centuries. It is decorated spaciously with beads, deers and birds and is extremely beautiful to look at. Georgians modified the basic method of cold-vat dyeing of East and added their own culture’s characteristics in it. Blue indigo paint and unique attributes make this cloth stand out amongst different cultures.

A shop named Hooda makes modern tablecloths, which represent famous buildings of Tibbisi. The basic colour is kept indigo blue, but the attributes are made very specific. You can get this cloth in a multitude of sizes. There are also napkins in different sizes available in the same designs. The clothes are not handmade, but the attributes are embroided or made by hand. Even a simple looking tablecloth could have taken infinite efforts in its formulation.

Georgian Wine

Georgia’s wine making tradition is considered to be one of the world’s oldest. According to Archeologists, an 8000-year-old pottery shard was found in Georgia that had traces of wine production. This state has kept up with its wine-making tradition. White Wine, Georgia’s hallmark stays in contact with the skins, pips for many months. After that, it’s fermented under ground for a great period of time. Although this process is adopted by almost every other country, its history lies in Georgia. This wine has a very special place in this state’s culture and the locals are attached to it emotionally. It is considered the grand father’s wine and every person has some special memories attached to it.

Traditional Clothes

Samoseli Pirveli is a well-known shop in Georgia, famous for its contemporary clothes that are made by modifying the traditional style according to the modern era. You can get different types of clothes for men, women and kids. They also sell T-shirts with black and white pictures of Georgian noble personalities, wearing traditional clothes. All these clothes are decorated with symbols of the traditional Georgian Culture.

Archeological Treasury

Some shops in Georgia sell the replicas of traditional archeological treasury that was greatly in trend between 3rd Century  BCE and 4th century BCE. They are not being made in current age, but Georgian artists give you a very clear sneak peek by providing very resembling replicas. You can get bracelets, rings and necklaces, whatever you like the most. They give you a glimpse of the cultural history of Georgia. These ornaments are named as treasury because they are embellished with precious stones and metals.

Ceramic Utensil

Almost every culture has some traditional utensils and ornaments. Georgia is also very rich with tgis kind og traditionall trinkets. You can get the most beautiful and detailed utensils or kitchenware from the White Studio of Georgia. This can be a best gift for a person who loves to have a distinctive kitchen or just exotic little things collection in their house. These utensils are made of porcelain, clay and faience. Another surprising fact is that each utensil in the store is one of a kind. That means, each item is totally unique and each new item is made while keeping it distinctive from the previous ones.

Antiques for your Home Décor

Georgia is one of the states with the most fascinating antiques. If you simply want some beautiful items to decorate your house, then Underground Furnitures is a shop in Georgian Market that can provide you with a range of sight pleasing things such as vases, utensils and antiques for giving your house a royal look. These items are usually expensive but its because they are made of very fine material, that is detailed very precisely. If watched focused, you will observe different patterns, that will be perfectly symmetrical.

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