Recently, one trend in the medical scene has been the growth of medical or health tourism. Simply put, it is the act of traveling to another country to use its medical care and other health services.

Turkey has been long known for its spellbinding beauty and magnificent architecture, but what’s new is that Turkey has been breaking ground and making headlines in medical tourism. Let us take a deep dive and explore further Medical Tourism in Turkey.

The Health Tourism Industry

Health or medical tourism is considered primarily by people residing in lesser-developed nations where some clinical treatments for specific reasons are not yet accessible. They venture out abroad to seek the appropriate treatment they need. However, there is a shift in trend, where more developed nations look for cheaper yet better clinical treatment, so they explore various options available via medical tourism.

Why choose Turkey for health tourism?

One of the 17 leading famous nations for health tourism today is Turkey. In 2018, 700,000 outsiders visited Turkey to use their phenomenal health treatments. Generally speaking, 32% of the country’s patients are health travelers!

Factors contributing to Turkey’s fame are as follows:

    • The nation has a reasonable medical care framework
    • It has the most significant number of US-authorize medical clinics
    • Most specialists, having prepared in Europe and America, decide to practice and take up their residency in Turkey

Still, if these aren’t an adequate number of reasons for you to think about Turkey for your next medical travel, here are a few benefits you should know:

It bridges the gap between the East and the West.

Turkey functions as the connecting passage between the East and West. It is effectively accessible for almost everyone, whichever country you come from.

Istanbul Airport in Turkey is additionally viewed as one of the world’s biggest air terminals. It is claimed to oblige around 200 million travelers every year and has around 300 non-stop flights worldwide.

Cheaper Surgeries

Medical procedures in Turkey are 90% less expensive, and 67 percent of the people traveling to turkey use medical services for their private consultations and treatments. That talks a great deal about how sensible their clinical offers are. A cosmetic medical procedure, similar to Liposuction Surgery in Turkey, is additionally 70% less expensive than in the more significant part of Europe.

You get to save more without compromising the quality of the treatment you’re searching for. Upon calculating the total expense of your surgery, travel fee, and accommodation, the cost would still be cheaper than getting the same surgery in most western countries, so why not get Liposuction Surgery in Turkey done and have a holiday? At the same time!

Top-notch Quality hospitals and surgeons

The brilliance of Turkey’s clinical facilities is how the country’s administration develops and updates its well-being sector, keeping it at the top priority of the business. The public authority follows a PPP model (private-public-association) to develop the country’s medical care framework further. The private clinics also put resources into further developing their well-being centers.

Final Thoughts

If you explore different options for your medical procedure, Liposuction Surgery in Turkey, or any particular therapy, Turkey is your destination! Besides the quality and the accessibility of appropriate health treatments, you can experience a novel mix of Oriental, European, and Arab societies in this beautiful country.

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