Traveling With CBD Oil Internationally? Countries Where Hemp and CBD Are Legal

CBD oil is a fairly new trend that took the world by storm in 2019. This cannabis extract has shown great promise in treating many different conditions. Chronic pain is the most common, but people also use it for anxiety, Parkinson’s, and to treat the side effects of chemotherapy.

With CBD being as popular as it is, it only stands to reason that Americans aren’t the only ones using it. This is also where we face issues of legality. Some countries don’t allow CBD, so traveling with CBD oil internationally might be equivalent to drug smuggling.

The good news is that many countries do allow it, and we’ll talk about some of them in the paragraphs below.

1. Bulgaria

The issue of hemp and all products derived from it is a complex one in Europe. Some countries have outlawed it completely while others have legalized medical CBD. Bulgaria is one of the few nations in Europe that has legalized CBD.

If you’re traveling with CBD oil internationally, Bulgaria is the place to go. The only limit Bulgaria has put on CBD is that it must have a THC concentration of less than .2%, which isn’t hard to do these days.

On a related note, any CBD products that are legal in Bulgaria are also legal in Croatia, Cyprus, and the Czech Republic. The four nations all have the same or similar standards.

The US follows similar standards as well. Anything under .3% THC is classified as CBD and is legal.

2. France

Technically, CBD is legal in France, but their standards differ a bit from countries like Bulgaria. While Bulgaria has legalized CBD containing up to .2% THC, France has banned THC entirely.

The UK follows the same standard, so taking CBD there might be a bad idea as well.

Anything with the slightest trace of  CBD is illegal. This means that certain hemp strains such as Red Bordeaux, Chardonnay, and Trophy Wife are right out. All of these strains would be legal in the US and potentially in nations like Bulgaria.

3. Germany/Austria

Austria and Germany have some very strange laws on the books regarding CBD. Technically, CBD is only legal in Germany with a prescription. In Austria, it’s technically banned outright.

Here’s where things get weird. Germany doesn’t consider anything with less than .2% THC as a medicine, so you can buy it legally. It’s not potent enough to be a medicine, so it’s also not potent enough to be a drug.

Things are even stranger in Austria. CBD is illegal in Austria, but you can buy it as an aromatic.

The problem is that pure CBD is odorless, so there’s no point in using it as an aromatic. You also get very few of the benefits when smelling it. Perhaps this was a way for pro-CBD politicians to keep CBD available despite it being technically illegal.

Where to Go When Traveling With CBD Oil Internationally

At the moment, the world stands in a very strange place regarding CBD laws. In some places, it’s legal while other places have more confusing laws. If you’re traveling with CBD oil internationally, you should read up on laws.

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