7 Tips for Staying Alive in a Plane Emergency

Hearing the word “emergency” makes one`s hair stand on end and one may get a rise in goosebumps and eruption of tingles all over the skin. When it comes to a plane emergency, one begins to imagine the terrible kind of plane crashes that he has been hearing in news or watching in documentaries or movies. But here we misunderstood “plane emergency” with a “plane crash”. Plane crashes are lined up with destruction with almost 0% chances of any survivor after the crash. The plane emergency is the emergency condition before any tragedy, where there is a life threat to any passenger or aircraft safety is endangered. The passenger emergency might be his deteriorating medical condition and aircraft is usually malfunctioning and failure of any plane craft. In this safety oriented narrative blog, we will discuss 7 tips for staying alive in a plane emergency

Be Attentive to Briefing

When the passenger gets on the plane seat, he is given a briefing by plane attendants, that he often ignores. These are the safety instructions for the passenger. Unfortunately, when the plane undergoes some emergency and announces about its instructions, hearing the word emergency again makes him less attentive to that briefing and more on his self-imagined apprehensions. He may get panic and might suffer extreme depression that will only contribute in increasing his mental stress instead of helping him to save from that condition. Therefore, it is better to be very attentive to all instructions from the beginning.

Your Life is More Precious than your Luggage

In Moscow, there was an explosion of Aeroflot flight 1942, in May 2019. 41 People were killed in this crash and rest managed to evacuate safely. When investigators saw the video, they say many passengers were rushing to grab their belongings. The procedure of evacuation became much slower due to this activity of passengers. It was concluded that more passengers could have survived the crash if the passengers had focused more on evacuation than grabbing and dragging their hand carries.

Wear seat-belt properly

A seat belt is not just a seat belt but it works as a security guard for its passengers. It helps to avoid any turbulence during travel. The plane is designed with turbulence proof technology. However, the outer turbulence due to weather may cause internal turbulence producing inconvenience for passengers. It creates vibration and an individual might get panic. To avoid such disturbance, the passenger may fasten the seat belt around his lap. It will protect him from any getting into any worse condition.

Stay Seated

This is the precautionary measure that the flight attendants make sure before the plane takes off. They make sure that no bag is placed in such a way that blocks the aisle. This helps the passenger in case of emergency when there is no hurdle on their way to the evacuation exit door.

Take off uncomfortable shoes

As soon as there is an announcement of an emergency, women with high heels and men with uncomfortable shoes must immediately take their shoes off. This would help them run faster and easier towards the evacuation door. They may take of any such uncomfortable outfit as soon as possible like a scarf around the neck, cap, etc.

Stay Cooperative

This behavior serves the best while facing a flight emergency. As all of the passengers are suffering the same situation, there is no need to push anyone else to save your life first. It may save our life but your pushing can endanger the lives of many others. You have to be very cooperative when it comes to giving people moral support. If you are not trained you do not need to move back and forth helping others. Rather you must motivate others to follow the instruction of their flight attendant and wait for their turn.

Take care of Kids and Old People

Kids mostly infants are more prone to injuries during an emergency. Parents might rush so they might risk their kids’ lives. You must also be careful with old people. They are weak at heart and even weaker physically. Keep motivating them and make sure they might not get injured by being pushed.

Thus,a plane emergency is not always a dreadful thing. It is better to get training in dealing with such emergencies.

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