Top Weight Loss Gadgets to Check Out Now

Do you want to shed some pounds without even leaving home? There are plenty of gadgets that promise to help you achieve your goal. Some track your movement, others monitor your sleep patterns. This article checks out three of the best weight loss tools today.

According to a recent report from The NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service, Americans spent $2.4 billion on fitness trackers last year. And online pokies Australia consumers are spending a growing amount of their time using these devices.

Top Weight Loss Gadgets to Check Out Now

1. Weight Loss Trackers

Weight loss trackers take the guesswork out of losing weight. They provide instant feedback on calories consumed versus burned, steps taken, and other metrics. Best of all, they allow users to share data with friends and family — helping them reach their goals together.

2. Sleep Monitors

There are two types of sleep-monitoring products: those worn like jewelry or clipped onto clothing (like an anklet), and those placed in bedside stands or wall mounts, such as Insomniac’s new iSleep system ($249).

3. Fitness Devices

If tracking food is one thing, it’s another to track one’s activity level. Fitbit offers both the Flex 2 tracker (from $149) and its newest device, the Charge 3 (starting at $229; $99 for kids). Both have GPS tracking, can sync with smartphones while playing slots online games, and measure heart rate variability, steps taken, distance traveled, and sleep quality. With many features under the hood, we think the Flex 2 is our pick.

4. Smart Watches

With smartwatches, you don’t always need to check your phone as you work out. You can easily glance down at your wrist when you receive notifications for calls, texts, alarms, and more. If you’re looking for something simple but durable (and not too expensive), the Samsung Gear Sport ($199) might be just what you’re after. It has an OLED display, water resistance, a built-in stand, and interchangeable bands.

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