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Are you a travel geek? Does the thought of exploring a new place and experiencing new culture makes your heart pound? But unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to spend their vacation in an exotic place or travel to various beautiful destinations. If you belong to this category and are feeling sad about not being able to have your dream vacation, then there is good news. You can now visit your ideal holiday destination through the virtual world of video games.

Today, there are plenty of games on the market that will enable you to enjoy the best vacations you ever had. You can also check here for informasi terbaru on online slot games that can make your vacation more exotic.

Now, go through the list to find the most enthralling video games that will let you fulfill all your vacation fantasies.

Los Santos (Grand theft Auto V)

If you are looking for a city to enjoy the luxury of Los Angeles, then the gaming world of Loss Santos is the right place for you. This metropolitan city has something to offer to everyone who visits the place. You can visit the beach near the world-famous pier and rent bikes and explore the city. You can also roll over the luxury that the casinos at Los Santos offer. Also, make sure to visit the famous golf club in the city to know what real grandeur is like. What’s more, if you are bored with the bike, you can just steal a car or a truck and explore the open gaming world.

The Northern Kingdoms (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

If you want to get away from the busy and hustle-bustle of city life, then this is the right place for you to spend your vacation. White Orchard is the perfect gateway for all travelers to relieve their stress. It also allows you to easily enter the forest and mountains of the Skellige Islands. You can either explore this sun-kissed countryside on foot or on horseback. The best part of this journey will be that you can talk and mingle with the locals and the merchants.

But do not get overtly drowned by the beauty of the landscape as many demons and murderous spirits are lurking in the village.

Ling Shan Islands (Crysis)

If you want to go to a beach shore and explore the exotic life on the beach side, this island will be the right destination for you. This Island located in the south of the Philippians is a perfect place for a fashion photo shoot. With its perfect sandy beaches, deep forests, and beautiful rivers, this is the perfect place to go on an exotic vacation.

Paris (Assassin’s Creed Unity)

Have you ever wished to see the city of love, but couldn’t due to financial constraints or health issues? While going through the pages of history, have you wondered what the revolutionary era was like and how splendid the architecture where? If so, then step into the gaming world of Assassin’s Creed Unity and experience the architectural marvel of Notre Dame, the Sainte-Chappelle in its gothic glory, and the Bastille. Moreover, if you are stressed or you feel bored exploring the city, then take your rifle and kill a corrupt nobleman.

But make sure you do not kill anyone in a crowded area like the marketplace as you do not want children to witness the violence.

Yamatai (Tomb Raider)

This mysterious village untouched by technology and other human intervention lies in the middle of Dragon’s Triangle (a fable version of the Bermuda Triangle). This is the perfect destination for all the adventure-seeking souls out there as you will have to conquer the massive icy mountains, navigate through the dense jungles, and find your way through dangerous swaps. If you come across some ancient tomb, you can also open it and loot it.

Scandinavia (Euro Truck Simulator 2)

In the whole of Northern Europe, Scandinavia has one of the most beautiful sceneries making it a perfect way for a road trip. You will be starting your trip from Denmark, passing through Sweden to Norway where you will be welcomed by breathtaking valleys and lush green forests.

So, if you are on a tight budget or cannot visit your dream destination due to other reasons, play these games and spend your vacation in the most exotic way possible.

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