Top Travel Apps to Download in 2021

Apps for mobile devices have taken independent travel to a new level: all the features of a small travel agency can now easily fit in your pocket. GPS and maps, currency calculator and city guide, dictionary and convenient hotel search – a competent set of applications helps to plan trips and save time, money, and nerves while sitting in a cafe, riding in a cab, or lying in bed. Modern applications even allow you to find your phone in case of loss.

We have thoroughly studied a lot of travel apps and selected the ones that will definitely be useful for you in 2021. No matter where and when you go, use an iPhone or Android, just download these apps – and you will definitely not regret it.

PackPoint or how not to forget your favorite pillow

Instead of looking for a pen and a piece of paper every time to make a list of things to put in your suitcase, use the PackPoint app. With this travel app, you won’t forget your favorite pillow or mug at home. The list is always with you.

Fill in the date, where you’re going, and what you plan to do. The app will create a list of things you need, weather-wise and for how long you’ll be traveling! All you need to do is edit it to suit your individual preferences: cross out what you don’t need, change the quantity, mark what you’ve packed, etc.

Also, you can save your list and share it with friends and family.

Rome2Rio – when you don’t have to look any further

The feature of this best travel app is to provide all kinds of routes between cities and even countries. It is only necessary to enter the date of the route, destinations and choose any convenient way of travel, whether by train, car, bus, or plane.

XE Currency Converter – count money in the palm of your hand

Money is one of the most important items that travel affects. When planning your expenses, you can always turn to the XE Currency Converter app. This handy currency converter will help you find out in real-time how many dollars in the lira. All you have to do is specify the number you want and select the currencies.

Duolingo – learn languages in under 30 minutes a day

We all know that learning languages is never a waste of time. And sometimes it’s even essential (especially before you travel to other countries). It’s also very useful! Never pass up an opportunity to practice a language.

Duolingo is a great way to help you learn the basics quickly. Install the app on your phone and learn a language at work, in cafes, or on public transport. Learning is game-based: you complete tasks and get bonuses and rewards for correct answers. The program also adapts to your study style, so it will be convenient and effective! – book lodging quickly

This is one of the best travel apps that has a database of over 500,000 rooms and hotels worldwide. The flexible interface of the program adjusts to the most exact requests: from date and price to interests and convenient location.

The app offers a huge list of accommodations for all tastes, initially recommending the best and highest rated places.

Read the amenities, features, and reviews, see photos and what rooms are available for your dates, and make your reservations before you fly!

Couchsurfing Travel App – friends around the world

Couchsurfing Travel App is a guest network of over 7 million people from over 200 countries.

This top traveller app is a great helper not only in finding free accommodation but also in making new acquaintances! It is the best way to find like-minded people, host travelers from other countries, visit another country yourself, meet people, get to know the culture and experience the real life of local people.

Foursquare City Guide – your personal guide

Foursquare City Guide can cover practically anything. Attractions, museums, restaurants, bars, shops, hospitals, and more than 75 million tips are in your pocket.

Type in a city and what you’re looking for and the guide will show you on the map where it is. According to users, there’s also a filter of places with high and low ratings, and visitor reviews.

WiFi Map as a nice travel bonus

WiFi Map includes a huge database of WiFi passwords. But you can only take advantage of it if someone else has already shared the password.

These are usually WiFi hotspots in hotels, restaurants, bars, and other public places. Just enter the city and the program will give you all sorts of Wi-Fi access points.

SAS Survival Guide – when you want a thrill

Do you know Morse code? How about building a fire? If you’re feeling adventurous and want to hike through unknown paths, you’re in luck with the SAS Survival Guide. Created by an ex-soldier and Special Air Service instructor, this app will help you learn hundreds of survival skills that are useful both at home and on the road.

In conclusion

When traveling, you should always remember about the safety of not only yourself but also of your personal data. Including those stored in your phone. Using a proxy is justified if you need to hide or protect information. There are advantages for travelers in using proxies: security and confidentiality of data on the Internet, a possibility to bypass restrictions related to geolocation. Consider the best proxy services list.

When going on a trip, apps are first and foremost your helpers and tools. Take only the ones you need, choose them thoughtfully, and test before serious use.

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