Top Reasons to Visit Cambridge

The UK has a fantastic range of towns and cities to tempt tourists to the country, and to tempt Brits looking to explore. It has an obvious history as a centre of education, and much of its appeal stems from the architecture around the university, much of which has stood for hundreds of years. Moreover, great transport links make visiting Cambridge convenient as well as satisfying.

So why might you consider a trip to this part of the country? We’ll look here at the appeal.


Cambridge has a long and varied history, and there’s no better demonstration of this than the buildings which fill it. There are Tudor manses and there are contemporary buildings, too. Some of these, like the Bridge of Sighs and the Fitzwilliam Museum, are incredibly famous, and you’ll want to make a point of visiting each of them. But you should also make time for a little bit of a wander around the cobbled streets, as you’ll also find lesser-known buildings that are worth a passing glance.


Given the city’s appeal as a centre for learning, you may not be surprised to learn that there are plenty of museums to explore. Some of them, like the Fitzwilliam Museum, provide a touch of sophistication; others, like the Kettle’s Yard museum, are a little bit quirkier. If you’re looking to be entertained, then you might consider a visit to the university’s playhouse, the ADC theatre, where some of the biggest names in British television first got off the ground.

The River

The River Cam is a tributary of the Great Ouse, and runs for about forty miles from the city to the sea. It’s most famous for presenting an opportunity for recreation: in summer, you’ll find it thick with punts, small rowing boats, and other, larger vessels. The river is also a great place from which to take in all of the city’s landmarks. You’ll be able to go around the backs of many of the colleges, and travel beneath many of the city’s famous bridges.


Cambridge isn’t exactly a remote hamlet, but it isn’t a big city, either. As such, you’ll get a great balance between plenty of things to see and do, and the welcoming and friendly atmosphere you get from a more tight-knit community. It’s this feature that makes the city worth returning to, time and again!

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