Top-Rated Recovery Center in CA: What to Expect

Even though California isn’t currently rated within the top 10 states in the United State with the highest statistics of drug addiction, this doesn’t mean that it’s out of the woods. There are still quite a considerable amount of drug and alcohol abuse cases like those in outpatient Georgia, many of which go unreported and untreated because people are either in too deep in the addiction, or simply don’t know where to turn to get help.

This is why if you move to California using it’s important that you know about the best recovery center that’s available, and most importantly, you need to know what kind of services they offer. This is so that when you try to help yourself or another person that is suffering from addiction problems, you know what it is that you’re offering them in terms of help and support. In this article, we’re going to focus on the best  Orange County rehab center in particular. The Laguna Treatment Hospital is a reliable and top rated recovery center in California, and we’re going to go over what it is you should come to expect when you go for treatment over there.

The Program & What It Entails

At the center, they are very mindful of what an addicted mentality goes through and how difficult it can be. This is why they have created a program that goes through different stages in order to ensure that the recovery is one that lasts for the long run. What makes the program so effective is that they combine hospital based treatment in order to have the detox done effectively, as well as providing in-patient services so that they can see their recovery through.

The program is divided into 4 stages which include:

1.    The Medical Detox

Withdrawal can be a very difficult experience and process to go through and this is why at Laguna they provide Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) to help the patient get through the detox under continuous supervision.

2.    The Residential Treatment

At the Laguna Treatment Hospital they also provide a residential area that has all the services that a hospital would provide, but in hotel-like conditions. The key here is to have the patients surrounded by a secure and calming environment that contributes to stabilizing their mental state so that the long term effect is actually legitimate. Along with a comforting backdrop, there are meetings and group as well as individualized activities that contribute to having the recovery done in such a way that they are able to continue functioning substance free once they leave.

3.    The Partial Hospitalization Program

This next step is important because it aims to ease the patient back into society and normal life as they know it, but with still a bit of guidance and supervision. This is an outpatient service, and so it gives the patient the attention they need for at least a couple of hours a day for 6 days per week.

4.    The After Care Planning

When the patient is done with the all the previous steps mentioned, they reach this final step, which is a service that helps them to feel that they still have someone to turn to once they are out in the real world once again. The after care planning program sets to know about where the patient will be going and aim to keep contact with up with updates and gives them a channel to reach out in case they need to speak to someone or are afraid of relapsing.

A Center That Really Cares

The Laguna Treatment Hospital is a wonderful and effective center that really cares for its patients, and this shows in the fact that the treatment program they provide is  detailed and aims to really cover all ground for those who suffer from addiction problems.

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