Top E-liquid Flavors To Bring On Your Vacation

If you are traveling and intend to vape while in your destination, one of the main considerations is to be aware of the vaping policies in that place. Another aspect to look into is a sufficient amount of e-liquids you want to vape while away. There are places that have regulations regarding e-liquid refills while some only sell a limited number of options. This is why it is paramount that you store a sufficient amount of your favorite e-juices on your trip to avoid having problems. The following are some of the best eliquid flavors that you might want to bring on your next holiday:


Cavendish from Black Note has made it to the list of best vape flavors to bring on your holiday. Vapers love this ejuice for its realistic taste of tobacco laced with a naturally sweet taste that goes around it. This ejuice is made of naturally extracted tobacco e-liquid. This means that the manufacturer steeps real tobacco leaves in VG and PG to be able to extract the authentic flavor for the e-juice. They don’t depend on artificial flavorings which is what most manufacturers do. Cavendish is a superbly popular tobacco, particularly for pipe smokers. It comes with a distinctive aromatic flavor complemented with a soft and sweet baseline.

Dragon Banana Berry

This flavor is a creation of VaporFi which is a huge name within the vaping industry. Their e-liquids have become better and better each passing day. The most-loved of all its e-liquid flavors is the Dragon Banana Ferry. This e-juice flavor gives a unique and superbly crafted combination of fruit flavors that gives off sweet and sharp notes. This e-liquid is a mixture of dragonfruit, berries, and bananas. The banana balances out the sharp notes from berries while the dragonfruit gives the e-liquid another layer of character.

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine is a creation of Pachamama, which is a fruit-focused brand of e-liquid. Its lineup of ordinary and nicotine salt vape juices is to die for. Their flavors often combine fruits and other exotic options which are carefully selected. The secret behind the charm of Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine is the combination of flavors that complement each other in a beautiful synergy without flavor competition and one-upping each other for prevalence. You can first notice the apple flavor on your first puff, followed by strawberry and nectarine, which add sweetness and more depth to the vape juice. This e-juice is just so hard not to love.


You cannot have a complete meal without a drink. This is why it is not a surprise to you that e-liquid manufacturers have replicated their most favorite beverages. The most popular of these are strawberry milk and coffee which are known as the unicorn milk, named after the most popular Cuttwood flavor. Other e-juice beverage flavors include whiskey, juice, soda, tea, and various cocktail drinks. Vapers can enjoy a different beverage for any occasion. These flavors can help you cut back on alcohol, dairy, or caffeine intake or in handling your nicotine cravings.


Menthol-flavored vape juices have a class of their own. Fans of the menthol flavor enjoy the cooling sensation that these vape juices provide. These flavors may range from slightly mint to full icy blast. If you are switching to vaping from smoking menthol cigarettes, you are likely to enjoy the various e-juice flavors such as spearmint, menthol tobacco, peppermint, and even straight-up menthol. Menthol e-juices give you a change of pace from your regular e-juice flavors. They can refresh your taste buds and get rid of the vaper’s tongue. This ejuice flavor is the perfect e-juice flavor if you are feeling under the weather due to allergies, flu, or cold.


If you feel like lighting up after a meal, you can vape dessert instead. The best dessert vape juice flavors recreate the real essence of flavor you sense when eating popular desserts. This is of course without the texture. Most vapers start with tobacco flavors or basic fruit flavors then they transition to the more complex, sweet, and tasty world of dessert e-juices. Some of the most popular dessert ejuice flavors include custards, pies, cookies and ice cream, and cheesecakes. The list is quite long and there’s a good chance that your favorite dessert is simply waiting in a bottle.

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