Top Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer Says Skiers Should Be Aware Of Colorado Marijuana DUI Laws

Skiing is by far, one of the most interesting sports/activities you could ever do. It’s fun, exciting, and pretty scary. It’s also not something you would usually do, like playing soccer with your friends. Skiing is this rarity of an experience that you could only experience when you’re fortunate enough to be in a place that offers this luxury service. Yet, it also can be lethal, to yourself and to others, if not practiced safely. Just like a car, a ski or a snowmobile can be a tool to harm people, and it needs to be used responsibly as much as you would your own vehicle. That means you can’t be using drugs or alcohol while skiing, any more than you would on a highway or a state road.

Why it is dangerous

Would you drive your car under the influence of marijuana? You probably can, but if you do get caught, you’ll be subject to the state laws of DUI and will probably suffer a severe penalty. Many people think marijuana is a harmless drug, but it can impair your judgment and affect your senses, making it dangerous to drive under the influence. Since you can’t drive a car using it, the same applies to a ski. Unless you’re pretty rich and have your very own ski resort, you’re sharing one with other people looking to have a good time. That means that skiing under the influence of drugs puts not only you in danger, but also all those around you.

Why lawyers warn against it

You’ll find that most lawyers vehemently warn against doing that, and for a good reason. State laws can inflict severe punishment in those cases, and in some states, it’s worse than others. You have a state like Colorado, one of the few that has laws against DUI in snowmobiles and skis, and as the article at shows, you’re going to need a lawyer to get out of this one. This is why top Denver criminal defense lawyers say you shouldn’t ski under the influence of marijuana, because Colorado DUI laws apply to any sort of vehicle that can accelerate at high speeds. So that includes snowmobiles and skis.

If you do get charged with DUI in Colorado, you’ll need a pretty good legal defense team. Anything from fines and community service for some jail time may apply as punishment, so it’s definitely not something to be taken lightly. If an accident or injury occurred due to you are driving under the influence of drugs, you could rest assured some jail time is incurred if indicted.

Safety first

Does anyone even drive anything under the influence of drugs? You may ask yourself that question, but there are plenty of cases and accidents where that happens. People do drugs for fun or for whatever reason, but you need to remember a few things before doing marijuana and then driving anything really. It’s not going to be just your life that you’re reckless with. It’s also the lives of anyone unfortunate enough to be in your path while you’re in that state. And you’d never be able to live with yourself if you do harm someone. So, do yourself a favor and avoid driving under the influence of anything.

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