Best White Sand Beaches in Japan

Japan is a beautiful place, and interestingly enough, many people don’t realize it’s a series of islands. The four largest islands, including Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu, form a long, narrow shape — offering a vast amount of coastline wherein the Pacific Ocean is on the east and the Sea of Japan is on the west. For those who are looking to vacation in the area, it’s hard to avoid the beach. In fact, over 3,000 small islands can be found surrounding the mainland. Here are the best white sand beaches to visit:

Katsurahama Beach

Katsurahama Beach is a scenic destination wherein swimming is prohibited due to the strong currents. However, it’s a beautiful place to visit with many attractions located nearby. A famous statue, Sakamoto Ryoma, is a popular attraction near the beach with the Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum above the beach on a hill. You can get to this beach via a one-way trip from JR Kochi Station for 690 yen. It’s a short 30-minute ride that’s well worth your time.

Odaiba Beach

Odaiba Beach is a man-made beach that offers access to many shopping malls and attractions. It’s the only beach available in the Toyko area, so if you’re headed to Toyko, keep it in mind. The 800-meter long beach forbids any sort of bathing or fishing as the water quality is quite low, but it’s a great place to spend some time relaxing or playing a game of beach volleyball. You can catch the Yurikamome train from Shimbashi Station to get there.

Tokimeki Beach

Tokimeki Beach is an expansive beach with beautiful green pines, white sand, clear water, and lovely sunsets. It’s located in Tannowa, Sennan District, but it’s one of many great beaches in the area. Throughout the months of March to June, it’s filled with people who are digging for clams. Tokimeki Beach is just 1 to 1.5 hour away from Namba Station which is one of the best districts to stay in Osaka for tourists.

Shirahama Beach

Shirahama Beach, a well-known surf destination, is an 800-meter long beach wherein visitors come to lay out on the sand, enjoy the sun, and of course, spend some time surfing the waves. It’s approximately five kilometers east of Izukyu-Shimoda Station — making it easy to find transportation to and from the beach. There are many shops and convenience stores along the road, which means visitors have absolutely no trouble renting beach gear, picking up souvenirs or buying some food.

Yonaha Maehama Beach

Yonaha Maehama Beach, a gorgeous 7-kilometer stretch of shoreline, is commonly referred to as one of the most beautiful beaches throughout Japan. This beach has white sand and water that appears almost emerald green. It’s found in the Miyoki Island roughly 400 miles from Okinawa on the mainland. It’s accessible via taxi or car. If you’re in the area and you’re able to visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Kondoi Beach

Kondoi Beach is located on a small island known as Taketomijima — approximately 6km away from Ishigakijima and a short ferry ride from the coastline of Japan. It’s very popular for having a fantastic diving and snorkeling environment. Those who truly appreciate nature will enjoy this beach as it’s a quiet, tranquil area that features emerald green water with bright white sands. It’s safe for children, and when the tide is high, you’re able to enjoy a swim. You can get there within an hour if you take a high-speed ferry.

Nishi No Hama Beach

Nishi No Hama Beach, located on Hateruma Island, is another beautiful beach that’s calm and quiet. In fact, it’s one of the least crowded beaches throughout Japan. Once you visit, you’ll wonder why it’s not packed all the time. It’s said to have soft, fine sand – allowing you to take off your sandals and enjoy a stroll. Although the water can be quite shallow, it’s a great spot for snorkeling.

Miho Beach

Miho Beach, located in Shizuoka, is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches due to its view of Mt. Fuji. Upon arrival, you can’t help but notice the incredible mountain views that are breathtaking. Although the sand isn’t super fine, it’s still a great place to walk around and enjoy the scenery. Aside from the mountain views, you’ll enjoy spectacularly large pine trees. It’s a great place for cycling and swimming.

There’s nothing better than spending the day soaking up the sun at a beautiful white sand beach. If you’re looking for a beautiful white sand beach in Japan, choose the one from our list above that’s closest to the area you’re visiting and enjoying a relaxing day at one of the best white sand beaches around!

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