Top 9 Places to Visit Corfu in Greece to Make Your Holiday Full of Fun

If you are an avid traveler, you must have seen many places around the world. There are many of you who have their personal preferences when it comes to choosing a destination for a holiday trip? How about looking for a place which is a bit off-beat and still hidden from the crowd of the world? Yes, we are talking of Corfu in Greece. To make your stay luxurious, go for Corfu Villas for rent. But, why, of all, you should Corfu as your next vacation destination?

Basically, Corfu is an island in the Ionian Sea which is getting quite popular among the tourists. The azure blue sea and the rocky cliffs will mesmerize you while the local Greek cuisine will lift your mood to enjoy your holiday. Now, it’s time to check out the best places to visit in Corfu. Have a look-

1. Spiridon’s Church

Once you are in Corfu, you shouldn’t avoid this place. This beautiful church is the epitome of the famous Greece architecture. But, that is not the only reason why this church is so popular among the locals and the tourists. The church is named after the Bishop St. Spiridon who was famous for his little miracles. If you visit the church during the Easter, you can be a part of the parade, made by the locals with St. Spiridon’s mummified body.

2.Agni Bay

Go to the north-east coastline of Corfu and you will reach the beautiful Agni Bay which is really a gem to the tourists. If you travel a lot, you will know that the coastal area of any country has its own culture and history. Agni Bay is located on the coastal area of Corfu and it is not at all different from this norm. This is a historical fishing village where you can experience a unique lifestyle and culture. You can also take bath in warm water, relax on the beach and also gulp the scrumptious coastal cuisine. If you love seafood, Agni Bay will be your perfect destination.

3. Archeological Museum of Corfu

Knowing a new place can be done the best once you dig deep into its history and tradition. And that is only possible if you visit the Archeological Museum of Corfu. As Corfu is one of the oldest islands of Greece, it is natural that it has many things hidden under its sleeves. Visit the museum where you can see the Great Temple of Artemis which was built around 585 B.C. Besides that, you can also get to see the terracotta and clay pottery that will talk about the ancient Roman and Archaic era.

4. Cape Drastis

Nature will give you spectacular views abundantly once you are in Corfu. Head towards the northern part of the island and you will reach Cape Drastis that will welcome you with its amazing and serene natural beauty. As this spot is not always open for the visitors, you should go there during the summer. The best time to visit Cape Drastis is during the sunset when the setting sun slowly goes down behind the cliff, leaving a purple-red hue throughout the sky. That is really a dramatic and romantic view to experience once in a lifetime.

5. Vlacherna Monastery

Located on a completely separate island, this monastery is the place where you can feel the pristine natural beauty amidst a calm environment. Once you are here, you can have the amazing view of the Mouse Island, only a little far from the monastery. You can take a boat ride and explore that island too. As the monastery remains open throughout the year, you can visit it at any time.

6. Canal d’ Amor

Are you planning to propose your beau in a unique way? Then follow the folklore and swim through the canal while proposing. There is a myth that if couples swim through the canal, they get married promptly. If you have no such desire, still you can visit this place to enjoy the awesome natural beauty around. This is one of the most beautiful tourist spots of Corfu.

7. Loggas Beach

You are visiting an island and not enjoying the spectacular beaches is not the right thing you are doing. Once you are in Corfu, you should not miss the wonderful Loggas Beach. And if you want to experience the most romantic sunset in Corfu, you should visit this place. You can enjoy the view, sitting by the beach or you can relax on the cliffs. There are lots of clifftop restaurants where you can enjoy your favorite coffee and other snacks.

8. Palaiokastrista

Located on the north-west side of Corfu, this intimidated village is really worth to visit. There is a myth related to this village. The locals believe this is Scheria, mentioned in the Greek mythologies and Odysseus stopped here for the last time before returning home. You may believe it or not, but you can enjoy the scenic beauty a lot.

9. Royal Achilleion Palace

This was the palace of the Austrian Royal Family. Presently, it is opened for the tourists so that you can enjoy the beautiful building with architectural grandeur. You can visit this royal residency alone or take a guided tour to know the history of this palace.

So, here are some awesome places to visit in Corfu and you will sure get dumbstruck at this beauty. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set on for exploring a new island in Greece.

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