Top 6 Sights and Architectural Monuments in Dagestan

We have already described the most beautiful Dagestan places. However, even beyond these, this region is characterized by its own special style of buildings built here at different times. And each of them is worth a look. Many people specifically choose photo tours, just to capture the beauty of Dagestan.

Naryn-Kala Citadel

The architectural complex, built in the 6th century, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient Derbent fortress was surrounded by double walls that descended directly to the Caspian Sea.

They provided security from conquests and allowed taking control of the sea outlet to Persia. On three sides it was protected by mountain cliffs. The structure itself looks imposing, and it offers delightfully beautiful views of the surroundings of Derbent.


In the whole North Caucasus, including Dagestan, you can find watchtowers, which were both

    • protection;
    • a bastion of security against enemy raids;
    • dwellings of the local population.

Such towers on the territory of Dagestan can be seen near the village of Itsari.

These are ancestral buildings of the XIV-XVI centuries, built of natural stones on solid stone blocks. They consisted of several floors. In the lower floors the cattle were kept, while the upper floors were intended for housing. The flat roof, fenced with a parapet, was used as a place of rest in peacetime. Excursion here will give a lot of impressions and tell interesting facts about these towers.


The fortress-village of Kala-Koreysh dates back to the XIV century. At that time it was the capital of the Kaitag Utsmiyet, an ancient state of the Qurayshites. The fortress was destroyed during the Golden Horde conquest, and the state disappeared along with it. The main buildings of the fortress and some walls have survived to our day.

Now it is a ghost village: no one lives here, it is not forgotten thanks to tourism. On the question – what to see in Dagestan – many local residents will point to this fortress, it is also included in many tourist routes and excursions.

Juma Mosque

In fact, there are Juma mosques in various cities and auls throughout the North Caucasus. But we are talking about the main religious attraction – the Central Juma Mosque. This beautiful object is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The three-nave construction (rooms inside the building, separated by a row of columns) of the mosque is 68 meters long. It is covered by a 17-meter dome. Over the years it has undergone many renovations and additions. For example, at a certain point a madrasa was built there. The chinaras that grow in the courtyard of the ensemble are under the protection of the state. To get here you can take a tour.

The Fortress of “Seven Brothers and One Sister”

The poetic name of the fortress is associated with a sad legend, according to which seven brothers killed their own sister for betrayal: she fell in love with the leader of the enemy army. This massive structure looks very imposing and embodies the complete safety of the people who used to live here.

Looking from the outside, you can even decide that it is functioning, but inside the building is empty. Interesting for tourists is its architecture and inspection of the interiors. At the place of the lift door, one can see the recesses-guides by which it was lowered and raised.

The Church of Agios Grigoris

Grigoris, the grandson of St. Gregory the Illuminator, who proclaimed Armenia a Christian nation in the 4th century, was assassinated by the Massagets. A chapel was built in his honor in the village of Nyugdi and was named after the saint of the famous family. The architectural shape of the landmark is interesting for tourists because of its strict proportionality and prism-shaped dome.

The church has long been an object of pilgrimage for Christians throughout the North Caucasus. Despite the fact that the vast majority of local residents profess Islam, they treat this Christian landmark with reverence.

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