Buy a League of Legends Smurf Accounts for a Cheap Price

We live in a fast-paced society, and sometimes all we want to do is sit down, play a League of Legends ranked game, and relax. Although nobody is truly relaxed while playing LoL… eh, you get the point.

However, what happens if you got perma-banned the day before because you lost connection?

Well, that’s just unfortunate, and now you don’t have the time to level up an account to level 30. We’re speaking about 150 games against newbies to get the League of Legends account ready for ranked games.

Because time is of your essence, we’ve decided to conduct a little research and help you narrow down secure marketplaces selling League of Legends accounts.

There are plenty of reasons why you should get a smurf account, and some of them are if you’re stuck in ELO hell, want to practice, want to play with your low-ranked friends, want to change regions, and so on. Let’s not waste any more time and get down to business.

Best League of Legends Marketplaces To Buy Smurfs

When you’re about to start digging through the internet yourself, stop for a moment and ask yourself – should I buy an expensive high-quality account or a cheap one?

Well, why not both? We will provide our top choices where you can find high-quality League of Legends smurf accounts for a fair price.

While our websites are safe, you should know that not all LoL marketplace offering accounts are as well. Be vary if you decide to do your own research.

With that said, let’s examine the ones we deem the most secure to buy an account from.


The look for the cheapest League of Legends smurf accounts can end right here. Z2U offers multiple regions and hand-leveled League of Legends account for a low price so you can choose your best smurf in no time. Look for the sellers with excellent ratings and higher levels just to make sure you get better quality smurf League of Legends accounts.

The accounts can be lane-specific with targeted champions or with plenty of Blue Essence to buy the ones you like. The lowest prices from a reliable retailer on this marketplace come around at $1.50 per account. Some of them are even willing to exchange your account if you get banned.


With a 4.79 average score of over 6,488 reviews from happy customers – we can denote that UnrankedSmurfs is one heck of a LoL marketplace.

UnrankedSmurfs has a solid range of payment options, and they will deliver the smurf League of Legends account that you buy instantly. They provide a lifetime warranty for all of their League of Legends accounts.

They also have the latest encryption methods implemented to make sure their customer’s information is safe and sound. From clean ELO accounts to already ranked ones with rare skins – we assure you that you can get your perfect smurf League of Legends account for a cheap price.


eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces overall on the internet – not just for gaming. We were happy to find verified and high-rated sellers on eBay. There were accounts for a fairly cheap price with plenty of Blue Essence in their inventory.

One of the cheapest League of Legends accounts we managed to find was listed at $1.50.

Smurf Mania

With Smurf Mania, we’ve probably found the Holy Grail when it comes to cheap League of Legends smurfs. Speaking of security – they guarantee they are the safest spot to purchase League of Legends smurf accounts from. With the latest technology and great HTTPS protection, this site shines bright in the market for League of Legends smurfs.

They provide hand-leveled accounts with a lifetime warranty, providing the lowest possible suspension chance. Every smurf account comes with 50,000 to 55,000 Blue Essence. With multiple choices of payment methods, Smurf Mania is one of the top contenders to become the best League of Legends marketplace.

Eldorado. gg

Eldorado is just another League of Legends marketplace you must consider before buying a cheap account. With one of the biggest account choices on sight, you can select the filters and search for the best one. The choice is yours to make, and the possibilities are endless. We’re talking about a stock of over 18k League of Legends accounts.

The accounts on this site are available for as low as $1.60, which is an offer that gamers can rarely resist. Simply search for the desired account and check the seller’s status to determine if they are reliable and trustworthy.

Final Verdict

These are the best places you can grab your desired League of Legends smurf account for the cheapest price. The buying process is pretty easy so here are the most important steps:

    • Find a trustworthy LoL account marketplace;
    • Check the seller’s overall ratings and status;
    • Choose the region and the account that fits you the best;
    • Select your desired payment method;
    • Log in to the account and start your slaughter!

For more of our League of Legends tutorials and content, check out our website. Farewell, and may the force be with you on the Summoners Rift!

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