Top 5 Things Every Travel Blogger Should Know

It’s pretty easy to become a blogger these days. You can choose any topic you like and start sharing your knowledge and experience with the world. Many people quit their jobs to become travel bloggers and combine business with pleasure. You can travel to different countries and make money at the same time. For your traveling to bring you income, you need to delve into the promotion of your blog.

In addition to studying the issues of promoting your blog, you can be inspired by other bloggers and implement their tactics in your work. Check out the content and work of blogs like Uncornered Market, Anywhere We Roam, Wandering Earl, Anton Ptushkin or Hey Nadine. Find one of the best travel bloggers to inspire you.

In this article, we will explain how to become a successful travel blogger and what key tasks you must solve.

Find hosting and post on social media

You need to find the right platform for blogging. If you do mainly video content, then you can make travel YouTube videos or post them on Instagram.

If you share with your subscribers not only videos but also text information and photos, then you need to find a suitable hosting. There are two options: hosting and self-hosting.

The first option assumes that your blog will be hosted on sites where all information is stored on the platform’s servers. The platform is responsible for software installation and is fully responsible for data management. When choosing this option, keep in mind that your design options will be limited by platform templates.

The second option assumes that you find your software, install it and process data. You can buy space on one of the servers and be fully responsible for your blog. Here you have no limitations. This option will be the best for travel blogging. One of the best is the WordPress platform.

In addition to choosing hosting, it is advisable to develop your accounts on different social platforms. This is important to attract the attention of as many subscribers as possible, as well as you will be able to get free traffic to your site.

Complete understanding of your target audience

How do you determine who you are creating your content for? What advice do you give during your travels? How do you choose topics? These are a few questions that every travel blogger should know the answer to. You must understand that your blog is interesting to people who share your views and interests.

There are a huge number of target markets in the blogging world. If you are meaningfully trying to write for everyone, you will soon find it difficult to reach your audience. There will always be rivals who will do better than you. This is why you should narrow down your potential readership. Once you define the parameters of your readers, you can have a clear plan of action: how, for whom, where, and why.

By doing your research, you will come up with a clear criterion for your audience. These can be young guys under 30 who are interested in learning about men’s leisure or food travel tips, girls under 20 who are interested in the fashion industry, or the elderly people who are interested in learning about the cultural and historical heritage of countries. On your social media pages, you can conduct surveys to learn more about your audience.

Create more visual content

Text is a great tool to tell your readers about everything in great detail. However, text and photographs cannot fully convey all the sensations and atmosphere of the place where you are.

Focus on how to take your photos and videos in such a way as to fully convey everything that you are talking about. You need to not only make more content but also do it well.

For starters, you can focus on your phone’s camera. This will be the first leap forward if your camera is good enough. You will learn how to adjust photo and video settings, take exposure for night photos, do color correction, and much more.

If you devote a lot of attention to landscape views on your blog, then the best option would be to buy a drone that will help you capture everything that cannot be done with a phone camera. Browse the Internet for the best drones for your travels.

After shooting, it’s important to learn how to process your video. You can create masterpieces that will take your subscribers’ breath away with the help of uncomplicated editing software.

SEO promotion

What is SEO? This is exactly what will help you to raise your blog in the search results to the top. You can’t make your blog thrive if it’s on the tenth page of SERPs, which is unlikely to be reached by even one user.

As you release articles, you need to do the important work of defining keywords, tags, and meta tags for your pages. You should study the keywords for which users most often make queries in the search engine and set up SEO.

Build relationships with fellow bloggers and brands

In addition to adjusting the search engine ranking of your blog, it’s important for you to connect with other bloggers and brands. You can find many Facebook groups where bloggers like you communicate, share interesting discoveries, skills and engage in self-promotion. By connecting with other like-minded people, you can help yourself as well as help others.

Another important point is working with brands. If you want to learn how to make money from your hobby, then it is important to find people who will sponsor you. In return, you will advertise the products and services of the companies. Learn to be the first to contact companies. Make a short presentation about yourself and what you do and send it to various brands.


These tips are essential if you want to turn your hobby into a full-time job that will bring you income. Have patience and do not be discouraged if you encounter setbacks and negative experiences at first. Try to improve your skills, constantly follow the trends and implement new techniques in your work.

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