Top 10 Destinations For A Babymoon

A babymoon can mean two things. Firstly, it can be a final holiday for expectant parents to relax and enjoy each other’s company before the arrival of their baby. This is usually taken in the second trimester as flying in the later stages of pregnancy is not always recommended. Alternatively, the second option is a getaway for parents and their newborn in the months after the birth. This gives new mothers a chance to heal post-partum and gives both parents time to relax and bond with their newborn away from everyday life.

In this guide, My Baggage look at the latter. If you’re considering booking a babymoon for your family to bond after birth, then why not choose from one of the following family-friendly destinations, perfect for a relaxing getaway with your little one(s).

1. Italy

Italians are notoriously family-oriented, making this a wonderful place for a babymoon. In particular, the big cities like Rome and Tuscany are steeped in rich history and are easy to explore on foot, plus they’re relatively flat so it’s easy to get around with a pushchair. You can soak up the atmosphere and great food, whilst spending some quality time with your parent and your newborn.

2. Bali

If you’re not worried about how far you’re travelling, Bali is a beautiful destination that is perfect for families. Along with the stunning beaches and great weather, the friendly locals will go out of their way to help. You can hire baby equipment when you arrive from a number of providers. Plus, most hotels and restaurants are baby-friendly so they will be able to provide highchairs and cots when you need. This means you don’t have to lug everything with you on the plane.

3. Portugal

The Algarve is a hugely popular destination for holiday goers and could be the perfect destination for some baby bonding. There are a number of relaxing resorts to choose from, but some like the Da Balaia resort are specifically designed with families in mind. Many of these offer activities and childcare for young children (although you’ll probably forgo this in favour of spending time with your new arrival), as well as zen pools and relaxing hotels for parents.

4. Bulgaria

Bulgaria has become an increasingly popular holiday destination in recent years thanks to its number of unspoiled beaches. If you choose to visit you can soak up the sun and enjoy the beach with your little ones, before returning to your peaceful villa or hotel for an evening of unwinding while your baby sleeps. Locations such as Nessebar, as well as other popular destinations in Bulgaria, offer the perfect mix between old and new town, so there’s plenty to keep you busy throughout the day.

5. Spain

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Spain, but in particular, the Costa Del Sol has some lovely resorts to choose from. One of the highlights of Spain is its great year-round weather, so you aren’t limited to when you visit. If you want total relaxation you can opt for an all-inclusive hotel so you don’t have to lift a finger. Alternatively, Spain is home to many idyllic self-catering apartments and villas, so you can enjoy your privacy and downtime.

6. United Kingdom

If the UK is more your thing, there are some gems to be found in both England, Scotland and Wales. Cornwall is a particular highlight, with stunning sandy beaches. Or you might want the peace and quiet of the English countryside, spending your evenings eating great food in rural pubs. There are plenty of places around the UK where you can find yourself cosy or quirky accommodation for a week of relaxing with your family.

7. Austria

You may not have considered it before, but Austria is one of the top locations for holidays with babies and young children. In fact, there is even a hotel there called Baby Hotel, which offers childcare, tailored menus for breastfeeding mothers and small paddling pools so babies and toddlers can enjoy the water too. The nation itself is safe, clean and an area of outstanding natural beauty. What’s more, the great public transport here makes it easy to get about so you can spend days out visiting world-famous cities like Vienna.

8. Hawaii

Do you fancy sunshine and some of the most beautiful beaches the world has to offer? Of course you do! That’s why Hawaii is such a family favourite. The laid-back atmosphere, sandy beaches and friendly locals make for the dream holiday. There are a handful of destinations to choose from, each offering family activities for you to take part in, or simply sit back and watch.

9. Greece

Greece is a very family-orientated nation, so much so that children eat free in many restaurants across the island. This is an ideal getaway for families who love exploring and spending their time together taking in the sights. Greece has an incredibly rich history so you can visit some of the most unforgettable places in the world like Athens or Rhodes. But with so much to see it’s a good idea to take a baby carrier with you so you can get about on foot, though many cities are flat, some of the cliffside resorts can be a little trickier to navigate with a pushchair.

10. Japan

Japan seems like such an exotic location and there’s certainly plenty of reasons to enjoy your babymoon there. Firstly, the locals are friendly and very accommodating to little ones. What’s more, the Japanese take a very welcoming approach to breastfeeding, which is great news when you’re a new mother. Most hotels and restaurants can provide you with baby equipment and some cafes also have soft play areas for little ones to enjoy. And to top it all off, there are plenty of changing stations around the cities, you’ll find facilities at almost all supermarkets and attractions, so you’ll never be caught out.

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