Tips to Enjoy and Make the Family Camping Memorable

According to numerous researches, family camping trips are the great way to make family bond stronger and to teach your children useful lessons. However, an unprepared camping trip can make you frustrated and ruin the whole holiday; therefore, we have a short guideline on how to make your family camping trip successful.

Choose the campground

Family camping trips are mostly spent on the campgrounds. To camp on regularized campsite, you will need to plan ahead and reserve a spot as in spring and summer the campgrounds fill up fast. If you like back-country camping, then you have to know about the permit process of the particular region.

Make sure that you research about the campsite adequately as not all campgrounds offer facilities bathroom, electricity etc. Plus, you may want to camp near a lake or stream, so it is better to get the map of the area and choose the right spot before leaving.

Necessary items to take

At least two weeks before the family camping trip check your gear and start gathering the necessary items. So, what are the necessary items? The following are the most important items that you must have on a family camping trip

    • The right Family Tent

Choosing the right tent is an art as with so many tents in the market, we get carried away. For family camping trips , the first thing you should look for in a tent is space. Consider the luggage and the number of persons that you have to accommodate in the tent. Plus, for family camping you will need a tent that has ample center height. Click here for tips on choosing the perfect tent that will fit you and your family.

Another important feature is screen room. Imagine the family is having a good time, then it starts raining continuously, you will be confined inside the tent. Therefore, a screen room helps you enjoy the rain without getting wet or confined inside the tent.

    • Extra clothes

On the day two of your family camping trip, you will regret for not bringing more clothes for your kids. Their clothes get dirty way too quickly than normal days. Therefore, pack extra pieces of clothes especially socks.

    • First Aid Kit

Keep the first aid kit on the top of the list since, you will need some items of the first aid kit frequently during camping trips.

Take the following items in the First Aid Box:

    1. Band-Aids/ Plasters
    2. Safety pins
    3. Sterilizes
    4. Skin rash creams
    5. Thermometer
    6. Medicine of Motion Sickness
    7. Antihistamines
    8. Anti-diarrhea medicines
    9. Scissors
    10. Eye wash and eye bath
    11. Spray to relieve insects’ bites and stings

Check Weather

Check weather and prepare accordingly. If the forecast is of rain, be prepared with waterproof tent and rain jackets. Most importantly, keep extra socks for the kids and pack mud boots instead of regular shoes. Moreover, temperature can drop at night even during summer, so take thick layers.

Keep the tent Clean

On camping trips, keeping everything clean is a hard thing. You have to be either alone or keep every   necessary item to keep your tent and sleeping bag clean. Choose a tent that offers a dry entrance, which  most family tents do. Your tent must also have a vestibule, which is useful for storing wet and dirty gear. Some tents come with removeable floor for easy cleaning, so you can consider that if you are not okay with carrying all the cleaning items with you to camping.

Plan your meals

While you are at home, plan your meals. Take notes on the family members preferred meals and prepare accordingly. Gather the ingredients and in your kitchen get all the work done like cutting, peeling, chopping etc. After that, store the ingredients such as vegetables and meat inside separate zip-top bags. This way you will not have to do all the work during the camping trip.

Pack Everything in Waterproof Bins 

Camping trips are full of uncertainties, and that’s what we like about them, but that doesn’t mean you go unprepared. Make a checklist for the trip, and pack everything in waterproof bins as the rainwater may seep in and ruin the items. Take waterproof bags or containers with you to store food; this practice can save you from attracting wild animals and food-borne illness. Also, keep raw food and cooked meals separate as it can cause the food to contaminate.

Organize your gear

To save yourself from wasting a lot of time rummaging through the stuff at the campsite, organize your camping gear in separate boxes e.g. keep all the kitchen supplies in one box. If you are camping with kids, then you must keep the stuff of the kids in separate box or compartment.

Click here if you want to know what is the best tent for the family of 8.

Set ground rules

For family camping, it is necessary to set ground rules once you reach the campsite. Tell the children where they can roam and what they should do if they get lost. Give them a whistle, so if they get lost, they can be easily traced. Take extra care of your children if you are camping near a lake or river, set boundaries and ask them to not to near the water body alone.

Practice at home

Some tents can take time to assemble and get really frustrating; therefore, you must practice or at least understand the instructions before the trip. Since, you will require a big tent for family camping, which come with more than a dozen stakes and guylines, so assembling them especially in dark becomes challenging. If you are not fond of pitching tent, then you can buy one of the best 8-person tents, which assemble in less than five minutes and offer extra features.

To conclude

Family camping is a great way to spend a fun time with your family; however, it requires effort to organize a family camping trip. It is advised to start preparing for the trip at least two weeks before it. Jot down all the necessary items according to the weather and terrain. Pay special attention to the stuff of kids and buy the right tent.

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