3 Tips on Planning the Best Summer Vacation Getaway

Did you know 36% of travelers considered travel an important spending priority? With so many exciting destinations to visit, it probably comes as no surprise.

For families, summer is the best season to put those travel funds to good use! With your kids free from school, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend time bonding as a family.

But if it’s your first time planning a summer vacation, you might be a bit lost. What should you look for and what should you avoid?

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below for the best summer vacation ideas for families!

1. Plan Ahead

An impromptu road trip is fun between a few friends. However, if you’re traveling with your family—especially young children—it’s important to plan ahead.

The last thing you want is to take time off work and be left without accommodations like hotel reservations or theme park tickets. Most hotel rooms will be significantly cheaper if you book far in advance.

It’s also important to plan ahead to take advantage of your entire vacation. If you arrive with no itinerary, you’ll likely waste your time searching for activities or attractions to visit. If you want a bit of free time, it’s best to plan it into the rest of your schedule.

2. Find Something for Everyone

You want your entire family to enjoy your summer vacation, so scout out activities that everyone will enjoy. It’s best to choose a location that has something that will appeal to all of your family members. For example, Las Vegas is probably not the best destination if you’re traveling with small children.

Some attractions and parks, such as Ingenia Holidays in Australia, offer various activities and amenities all in one place. A campsite or resort can be ideal if you want to enjoy your vacation in more centralized locations.

When planning, get your whole family involved. It’s best to find out not only what people want to do but also what they’d like to avoid.

3. Manage Your Finances

If you’re planning large summer vacations, be sure to set a budget and save up enough money beforehand. Keep in mind that some hotels and attractions require a deposit in advance.

After you total up your expected expenses, top it off with an additional chunk of change. You want to make sure you have a bit of buffer cash in case of any emergencies or if your plans change.

Do research when planning to find the best deals. Many summer vacation ideas can be cheap or free—from beaches, parks, and museums.

Price check your hotels and plane tickets too. Depending on the size of your family and length of stay, hotel alternatives like Airbnbs may be even cheaper than a hotel.

Craft the Ultimate Summer Vacation

Whether you’re traveling to the next town over or halfway around the world, there are so many exciting places to explore with your family on your summer vacations. With the tips above, you’ll have no trouble planning your next memorable summer vacation!

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