Tips On How To Stay Fresh On Your Travels

When travelling, staying out all day and exerting effort can make you feel like you constantly need to shower. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just use deodorant and you need to add more effort and products into staying fresh, clean and smelling good on your travels. Here’s a few tips to take into consideration.

Use a stronger fragrance

If deodorant isn’t doing its job enough, it’s time to add a stronger fragrance. Using a cologne always helps, but a sandalwood cologne can be even more effective as it has a stronger scent. Sandalwood is not only long lasting, but is considered a very masculine aroma that has a strong core, allowing for the freshness of the added fragrances on top. It’s a woodsy masculine scent with a touch of sophistication. Its aroma is a mix of vintage and classic that it shows an old school impression of what being a gentleman really is, making it one of the best fragrances to have while you’re travelling.

Take care of your breath

One of the things about having bad breath is that you don’t smell it yourself. Even if you’ve brushed your teeth, there are times when any gum or tooth infection can leave you with bad breath regardless of what you eat. However, to avoid cases like these you can make sure you always carry minty breath-fresheners and chewing gum to deal with the odor. That way, your breath will always smell fresh and you won’t be put in any awkward situations.

Carry wet wipes

Being on the go from day to night can leave you looking and feeling like you’re dusty and unclean. Being exposed to too much pollution and depending on the weather you’re travelling with too, you can feel like there’s an entire layer on top of your skin. Having wet wipes around can be a great way to cleanse your skin and remove all the dust layers, making you look and feel a whole lot fresher. While it isn’t a permanent solution, and you would still need to shower when you get back to your accommodation, that quick fix can make you feel refreshed and deal with the issue of dirt and dust temporarily.

Wear dry-fit shirts

When you’re travelling, you’re bound to get sweaty because you’ll be walking around all day. Sometimes you’ll even be doing adventurous activities which require you to exert more effort, leaving your body sticky and sweaty. The worst thing about it is that with regular clothes, the fabric absorbs the sweat and leaves it stained with sweat along with a bad odor. That’s why wearing dry-fit shirts can prevent bad smells and stains as it is breathable and helps sweat evaporate rather than being absorbed.

When travelling you want to leave a good impression on those you meet on the go and enjoy your time without having to worry about your odor or freshness. Using these tips will help you go about your day and make the most of it without stressing out about your cleanliness. Just remember to take the necessary precautions and you’ll be able to have an absolutely great trip.

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