Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas is known for its glamour, glitz, and loudness for a reason. The so-called ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ has one of the broadest and most varied offers for tourist attractions, daytime activities, and nightlife. From admiring magnificent natural landscapes to gambling your money in the casino, you can do it all in Las Vegas.

Moreover, hotels such as Caesar’s Palace or Bellagio Hotel and Casino based in Las Vegas give you a unique opportunity to wake up in one of the World’s most luxurious places. The poshest and most extravagant lifestyle is at your fingertips; all you have to do is pull out your credit card.

Unless you don’t feel comfortable with spending excessive amounts on a one week vacation, if that’s the case, you might be wondering whether it is worth visiting Vegas? The short answer is yes. You can still get the most out of your Vegas vacation without going bankrupt. Here are some tips on what to do and where to spend your time, to make it a summer to remember.

Choose Wisely Where and When You Stay

Your Vegas experience may not feel as fulfilling as it could if you don’t sleep in the right place.

If you don’t want to miss the luxury feel Vegas is famous for, pick places like Treasure Island Hotel, The Mirage, or Trump International Hotel. They offer all the amenities Las Vegas is renowned for, such as casinos, pools, and bars. You will surely notice the luxurious and lavish vibe to them, but you will not spend more than $120 for a night.

Nevada is a state where smoking marijuana is legal, and 420 friendly hotels Las Vegas are among the coolest places to be. Most of them will be private properties with residents eager to accommodate you on a vaper summer vacation. Airbnb or Bud and Breakfast are the websites you should visit to find a suitable place.

Besides planning wisely on where you stay, make sure you know when to stay there. By the rule of thumb, midweek stays are almost always more affordable than the weekend ones.

If you want a one week vacation, start it on Tuesday and finish Saturday. If you wish Las Vegas to be a weekend city break, take the first flight Saturday morning, and leave on Monday. That way, you will save the most money, and still be able to get the most out of your trip.

Get Around Town Smartly

The Strip is so long it is almost impossible to walk it. Most likely, you will need some wheel support.

The cheapest option is to take the Monorail. It runs along a seven-stop loop from the SLS to the MGM Grand. You can catch it until 2 a.m. on weeknights and 3 a.m. on weekends. A single ride costs $5, and a one-day pass costs $12.

There are always more expensive options, such as taxis, Uber, or Lyft. While the two latter ones may save you a few dollars, cabs may be quite expensive.

It is possible to rent a car in Vegas, but if you are not planning on leaving the city, it may not be the best option.

Visit Grand Canyon

If you are coming to Vegas from somewhere far away like Florida or New York, it is worth dedicating your time to see one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the US – the Grand Canyon.

There are a few possible ways of getting there. You can get to the National Park by a 4-hours car ride, take a bus to South Rim, or even take advantage of the helicopter tours offered at the West Rim.

The trip will probably take you one full day, but the views are worth it.

Check Out the Nightlife

Did you even go to Las Vegas and not try the casinos, pool parties, and nightclubs?

There are countless shows, bars, clubs, casinos, and parties waiting for you every day of the week in Las Vegas. Check out OMNIA and LIGHT, the most vibrant nightclubs of the city. Let yourself go entirely crazy for once. No matter what you’ll do, there is a straightforward rule: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Summing Up

There is so much to do and so much to see in Las Vegas, it may be a lot to take in for the first time visitor. To get the most out of your Vegas holiday, try to mix it all.

Spend some time in the luxurious-looking hotels with all the possible amenities. Take one day to see the Grand Canyon, and possibly the desert surrounding Vegas. Dedicate some time to explore the Strip by the Monorail. And finally, let yourself spend the wildest night of your life in one of the Vega’s crazy nightclubs.

If you haven’t yet been to Las Vegas, now you know enough to be sure you won’t regret it. Book the flights, the hotels, and enjoy your stay!

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