Tiny Town in Hot Springs Arkansas!

Crafted entirely out of “things cast off”, Frank Moshinskie’s ode to small town America is truly remarkable. Tiny Town is living proof that one man’s trash is most certainly another man’s treasure. Mr. Moshinskie’s life’s work transports visitors to another place and time, a time when the county fair made an impression on a young boy, a family picnic was a special event and just sitting on a porch – watching the world go by – was a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. See more at: https://www.gypsynester.com/hs.htm

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2 thoughts on “Tiny Town in Hot Springs Arkansas!”

  1. Ok, I’ve been to Hot Springs many times. The latest being playing in the girls 1 A State basketball Championship game last March. Sadly, we lost, but 2nd in State not too shabby. I have never heard of this place however, and will look it up next time we are in town. It looks pretty amazing.

    1. It’s really worth the trip – it’s like a huge living doll house! You’ve also got to hit the Bathhouse Visitor’s Center at The Fordyce Bathhouse. It’s a crazy thing – all of the old “spa treatments.” We have a really funny video on it on our channel, too. Also check out the video on “The World’s Shortest St. Paddy’s Day Parade” it’s in Hot Springs – a wild time had by all! We love towns with senses of humor – don’t you?

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