Throwed Rolls and Hog Jowls!

Legend has it that on an particularly busy day back in 1976, ole Norman Lambert couldn’t get rolls to his customers in his usual fashion, walkin’ ’em around the restaurant. Fed up, an ornery customer yelled out “Just throw the damn thing!” The only home of the Throwed Rolls was born. Want more info?

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5 thoughts on “Throwed Rolls and Hog Jowls!”

  1. Oh boy! Lambert’s is an experience to be sure! I had the hog jowls too, and a bucket of root beer.

    I loved it. Inspired me to commence a blog based on the experience at

    Still under construction – I only registerd the domain yesterday – but I’m hoping to fill it full of all the delightful places and plates in America.

  2. I loved the feel of the place! Just by watching the video, I knew instantly; that this would be a great place to visit! The food looked Baaaad…but sooo scrumptious! lol :)))

  3. that place is the best! I love how they bring out extra food (even if ya didn’t order it) in 5 gallon paint cans! “Here…have some of this!!”

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