Things To Consider Before Having A Party In A Bus

As you plan for your next party, having it on a bus may be a very tempting idea to safely party on the go, take an entire group to prom, or take a large group of various clubs throughout the evening. However, and if you want the best bus; the best experience; and the best out of your money, there are some considerations before actually hiring one.

It’s wise to start planning far ahead in advance so that you have enough time to take everything on this list into consideration, besides, it will be easier to find the bus you want early on.

Confirm the Number of Guests and Bus Capacity

A bus is a bus, and it only fits a certain number of passengers; yet, for a party, more people sometimes suddenly want to come at the last minute. Before you decide on the bus, you must have a final number for the maximum attendees that may be riding. To be on the safe side – and to leave plenty of room for everyone – rent a party bus that fits at least a few more than your preset maximum number. Remember that if you try to place more people on the bus than allowed, the party may be ruined by voiding the contract or facing legal issues.

Divide the Cost Among the Guests  

If you are paying for the whole party yourself, this part is not for you. However, if you are pooling the cost, then part of the reason to get a set cost in advance is so you have time to divide it among each passenger that’s paying. This gives you time to collect the money before the payments are due, and to make sure you’re not shorted at the last minute by your friends. Be prepared with a chunk of the cash at the beginning, as most companies will require an upfront deposit.

Choose Quality

While doing your research, don’t be tempted by the cheapest bus you can find. Cheap usually means a run down old school bus that may or may not show up on time, or at all. Renting a quality party bus isn’t going to be cheap, but if you split costs, it can be an affordable way to have a different kind of party. If you choose the right party bus rental company, you may enjoy all-in features without hidden fees. They may come complete with roomy interiors, nice flooring, great sound systems, custom lighting features, among other options.

See the Bus in Real Life Before Booking It

Now, this is important; don’t ever – under any circumstances – hire a party bus without seeing it in real life first. Pictures online look great, but when it comes to reality, you may not be getting the same bus as the pictures. Reputable companies have no problem letting you check out your bus before renting it, so this should be a normal request.

Sign a Contract

Before paying anything, ask for a contract that it easy to read and understand, with a detailed breakdown of every fee listed clearly. Renting a party bus doesn’t have to be complicated, and by having a clear, detailed cost in advance, you’ll know what to expect and won’t have any nasty surprises that ruin your fun. The last thing you want is to discover hidden fees that you have to pay after you’ve already committed.

Get This Party Started!

One last thing; always remember to leave enough time prior to your party to actually apply all these tips, and guarantee you have a great party that you will always remember.

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